Friday, May 10, 2013

Is this a vacation?

Good morning! Everyone was in the house last night and that was sooo nice! I am glad that the big guy made it home.

What's going on his his world? Well, there is always more drama, drama, drama....the team went to Illinois without him. Get this....Big Red was drowning his woman sorrows at the local watering hole on Wednesday night.  As most of us know...too much booze=loss of inhibitions and often people say things that they normally would not.....

Anyway, he wobbled over to Buddy's table and spilled his guts (in a metaphorical way)..."you've been have the best stuff...." (mind you, Big Red is the catcher)...."The coaches think that this is all in your head...." And then, I suppose, he really spilled his guts on the pavement outside of the bar....

This is what we have thought all along. Yes, it is in his head, but he can't get past it unless he plays....see how this works....or does not regain the old form and confidence, he has to be out on the mound. On Wednesday, he had a bullpen session with the pitching coach who was impressed and told him that he would pitch a few innings next week....but not this weekend....

I am at a loss, but am happy to see my big boy with the scruffy beard asleep in his bed...dreaming about a big league bullpen.

With that said, dad continues to make summer plans and we will drive him (yes, I said 'drive') to Houston and leave him with the car. Then we will fly home. This may take three days of hard driving....oy! Is this considered my vacation? After all, we have not had one in five years. It doesn't matter, as long as we are together, I am happy.

And on to Mother's Day....I want to take this opportunity to thank my mom for her years of devotion showing me the kind of love that I don't deserve. She is the rudder on our ship and has always been there in times of joy and sorrow. She is an amazing cook, although I am not a fan of Betty Ford Chicken. Her cakes are divine and she is a walking saint. She takes care of BP Grandpop and goes to mass every day. She is devoted to her family and community. I love you, BP Grandmom...thank you for showing me how to're the best.

Have a super weekend!

Bullpen Mom

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