Monday, May 20, 2013

Embrace your crazy

Good morning! It's overcast, but I don't care...everyone was in the house last night and it felt awesome...although I was in bed with a tissue stuffed up my nose as the sinus thing will not go away. It is stuck on me like a piece of old chewing gum on one of my favorite boots.....can't get rid of it, so I accept it's existence in my life.....

And now...on to life as we know we celebrated Cupcake's birthday in the only way the BP mom family knows how to do it with lots of people, food, pastries, and fun....the big kid decided to make an entrance which made everyone soooo happy. Arriving directly at the party after checking out of the house of mold, the big guy went on to share some of his highlights of his last week as a red shirt sophomore.....yep, these are the highlights....

Besides hanging out with the guys and partying one last time, Angel found the opposing team from Michigan and invited them to hang out with them for a while. Naturally, this lead to quite a bit of friendly camaraderie. As Buddy learned, you don't necessarily have to hate your opponent all the time, just while they are on the field.

And speaking of 'on the field', he did have the opportunity to throw last week as you read in one of the last posts. He had two awesome innings and one not-so-good inning....very typical outing for the big guy. And so, as he loaded the bases in the only way he knows how-by hitting the last batter, the pitching coach walked out to the mound....actually, he trudged out.....yep, step by step....inch by inch...grabs the ball and says: "You're embarrassing yourself...." and that was it. Not..."good effort....nice try....some good throws...." embarrassed yourself and the university. Shall I comment on these historical words or move on? Let's move on, 'cause I will save this commentary for later.

The team actually won one of the three games and packed up to return home or find a job.

But, before they left, the head coach met with all of next year's returning players to go over the year and make summer and fall plans. This, my friends, never ends....ever....

In the meeting, the coach was happy about Texas but gave the big kid one bit of I am paraphrasing....

"Some people on the team think that you are crazy..."

"Yeah, well coach, if working hard and focusing on improving is crazy, then I guess I am."

"OK, embrace your craziness. I like it...."

Embrace your crazy....that's nice....embrace hold on to the label that we have given to a guy who works hard every day, gets to the field early, leaves late, processes all kinds of information, reviews film, throws in the dark with the headlights of the car focused on the field, eats, sleeps, and dreams his chosen profession, does everything that the coaches ask without a word of negativity....and so on....oh, by the way...makes the Dean's List during the baseball season.

yeah....super....stay crazy....'cause let me tell you, Sir....this is the type of attitude that can change systems, professions, communities, and the world. You want more people to focus on their strengths and try to eliminate their weaknesses. You want people who will not settle for mediocrity. This is called a person who is dedicated and someone who leads by example.

Therefore, by fueling the 'kid is crazy' legend, you are basically telling people that it is OK to make fun of the kid who studies hard, does his work, and becomes a brain surgeon. After all, brain surgeons, engineers, doctors, lawyers, major league baseball players are not hatched....they work for it. So, rather than saying: "Dude, you're not're focused....", you are sending a message to the coaches and players that it is fine to mock him.....make fun of his effort....bully him in a way.

Thank goodness, this kid is able to overcome this type of culture, 'cause there are others who are leaving the team this week and not coming back because of the way the coaches allow the inmates to run the asylum. 

Fortunately, the big guy wants it so bad and has lots of home support that he is willing to overlook these comments of condescension. I believe it makes a person stronger and his momma a bit crazed too. Yet, with the roadblocks, he just keeps on going like Super Mario as he jumps over the barrels and scary monkeys.

With that said, I gotta move on....have a great day!

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