Thursday, May 30, 2013

Now what?

Good morning! We are heating up in the northeast~ Yuk

As we prepare for the big kid's departure to his current holy is never without bits issues and problems. Naturally....Can we have it without complications for once? No? OK, fine...

Here is the deal....Last night there was a regional baseball game. Once again, the big kid was scheduled to play in a relief role. "Who cares if you are relief, as long as you pitch?" says dad. Woefully, the big kid with a bigger head wants to start. Period.

And so, in the latter innings after Tink and I watched from the car...nice and comfy....He was called into the game. As Tink and I hummed the Theme from Rocky....da da daa da da da da da da...

 Not this Rocky......

 This one...Yo!

He runs in. Takes his deep breath...stretches....throw...throw...throw....Has anyone seen a strike yet? No? OK...

Inning begins....the first two guys are out...The next guy is hit by a pitch but his bat is also hit so the hit is considered a strike....After going over the game in the kitchen, the leftie admitted to hitting the kid on purpose for a number of reasons that go back to Little League.


I'll let this one go until later.
The next batter his a weak double into the out field....the next hit a weaker single that scored the first batter. Finally they were out of the inning.

As the kid entered the kitchen after the game, he complained about shoulder pain. Really? Three days before you leave for the Mecca of baseball, you have a sore shoulder? Do I want to kill you now or later? Deep breath,

OK, tomorrow call the physical therapist and get into his office ASAP. As I write this note, the kid is still in bed with no signs of calling PT. And, get this...I know that there will be this huge "whine-session" later when the therapist cannot fit him into his schedule.

Can he go to Houston with a sore shoulder? Should he? Could he? Would he? Fees paid...airfare rental paid....Now what?

Stay tuned.....

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