Saturday, May 18, 2013

All for one

Hello! I'm back...sort of...actually, I am trying to get rid of some sort of sinus thing....I have trees and dust...Am I doomed or what? Can't avoid either. And let me tell ya....breathing is not overrated. So, I am sitting and trying to relax while blowing my nose and drinking tea. I feel a bit worthless, 'cause I could probably do a few things around the house......

Today's game was the last of the season. The big kid did not get in today but made it in on Thursday night. He gave up three runs but pitched for three innings. He had moments of brilliance and sorrow. There has to be some sort of pay off for this lifestyle. The highs are soooo high but the lows are right down there in the gutter. I couldn't do it...and actually, some of his team mates could not handle it either. One of his fellow pitchers was injured during the season, was depressed because he could not play and failed every class. In other words, he will not be back next year. This is what I mean by only the strong survive. The big leftie has had his share of lows/highs/in betweens and still gets up for another punch. What does that tell a person?

I suppose it says that he is pretty tough...although, maybe he isn't. I honestly cannot tell at this point. On Friday, he had the end of year meeting with the head coach. He told him about his clinic in Houston. The coach was very happy about it and asked him to bring ideas back for the rest of the team to implement. Ok, that works....he is looking for ways to improve, which is necessary since they only won a handful of games. The coach also said that he started late since he missed the fall and his stuff was either brilliant or awful. I concur with the coach's assessment. I just wish there was a better system of communication.

For a person to lead, he or she has to be able to connect with their followers. With that said, many of the guys were disgruntled and did not care by the middle of the season. One of the catchers is leaving the university. And nice-guy Gopher is looking to transfer back to the midwest to be closer to family. I actually thought that teams were supposed to be like families, except you get to pick the members. But in this case, it was every person for themselves rather than each other. What did the Three Musketeers yell?..."All for one and one for all!" Yeah, that's right.  I didn't witness even two musketeers this season. They were more like Mouseketeers......where's Cubby and Annette?

Oye, and so, the big kid parties one more night with his boys before turning the car south to head home. He leaves the dismal season, record, and house of mold and mildew....and comes home for a week. Then on to Texas. He thinks that something magical will happen there. OK, I'm game....hope it happens for him. He deserves it after living through the past two years with his head up.
have a wonderful weekend,


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