Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back in town

Good morning. Today is Memorial Day and I would like to honor the men and women who valiantly served our country. I would not be where I am today without their selfless service dedicated to the ideals established by our founding fathers.

I have only a few moments to write this note as my battery is about to expire. Since I am in very back of the plane (3 rows from the end, two from the kid with the productive cough, and behind the man who threatened to break his wife’s new Beats earphones if she did not turn them off). 

I can say there is not a dull moment in row 37 seat D. The guy next to me looks like Justin Timberlake. Yeah, I know that it is not him. Why would he place himself in the back of an airplane from Atlanta, nonetheless, he looks a lot like the former Mousesketeer.

Speaking of Mouseketeers, the big guy stayed home to play baseball, work, and care for the dog. On a number of occasions he called to say that he was bored. Hey, do you mean that you miss us or my cooking? Uh, perhaps both…..

‘nuff said…that’s all I need to feel wanted here. And so, we head north to where the air is cool and breezy. Not much going on in the south, although the weather was outstanding….I don’t remember such wonderful blue skies and gentle breezes like this past weekend.

Although, we did make a major purchase. While visiting the folks, the battery on my phone stopped holding a charge. So I landed up in the Verizon store and badda badda bing….a new phone called the DNA. That’s right….something new that will cause me some angst and loss of phone calls. As I tried to answer a call, I disconnected the phone several times this weekend. According to the sales representative, there is a learning curve. Yes, ma’m….there is a steep learning curve, isosceles triangle and right angle too.

I have downloaded the usual ring tones, games, email, weather updates, and apps. But honestly, I cannot figure out how to answer the phone without disconnecting the line. I guess this will come with practice. It’s like when you receive a new computer, you are so excited, but then grieve the old computer that had your data, photos, and was set up just the way that you like it. I go through a period of mourning with new devices as I say good by to my old ones.

Speaking of good byes….last night as we walked into the restaurant for dinner, there was a huge party going on with a band, photos of a lady, dancing, and singing. I thought that it was a fund raiser but it wasn’t! It was a memorial service for the lady in the portraits. Instead of a funeral, she opted for a big party for 200 of her closest friends as they toasted her memory in style. Yeah, now that is putting the ‘fun’ back into funeral.

Thinking about this notion on Memorial Day, that’s the way that I would like it. As a Catholic, I need the prayers at mass, but afterwards, let’s part-ee. Why not? It will be on me. I’ll save enough and leave the gatherers a party where they can sing, dance, and open a box of wine or two. Then, in my memory, they can sing my favorite song: “Happy Birthday”. That’s right. It’s my favorite song. After all, which song do you know of that once you sing it, you get a slice of cake at the end? Pretty nifty, right?

As they leave the party, I’ll have party bags for them. I am not sure what will be in the bags, but probably some candy, wine, Skittles, Kashi bars, a memento or two, and the contents of my closet. Yeah, that  won’t fit into a party bag, but if the gang wants to take some of my clothes, go ahead. Whatever is left can go to the homeless. That’s really all I have of great value. After all, I bought most of them on the clearance rack with an added coupon savings hundreds of dollars....True, I have the wedding rings, but the kids can have those if they want them, which they will…..Morbid? nope….eventually going to happen, so let’s do it right, just like the lady in the photos. Good for her. She also leaves love, friendship, family,a fun, laughter, and good times. Let’s see…isn’t that what it is all about?

Have a great day!

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