Thursday, May 9, 2013

A hostile environment

Good day, mates! That's Australian for hey, whazzup?

I think that this post is a quickie since I have an early morning appointment. Yep, then on to work for a few hours....As the chair of the search committee, I am stuck reviewing applications, CVs, and interviewing anyone who wants a teaching job in my department. It's up to me to screen applicants and make good choices. Have all of my choices been good ones? Uh....well, if you consider the time when I was in a screaming match with one of my underlings whom I hired and she resigned by scribbling her resignation with a sharpie on a 3x5 index card and threw it at my face and stormed out....there are moments when humor has to come over a person to get through trying days. As the card flew at my body, I did what anyone else would have done with a projectile coming at their face.....I ducked....Then I said a silent prayer thanking the dear Lord that she was a figurative sense, not literal. She remained active in my life for a long time filing a hostile work environment charge against me. It seems that in the charges, I did not help her to find a baby sitter on campus.....yes, I am hostile. Also, going through her desk, I found a letter that I wrote at Christmas, thanking her for the hard work and donating a case of soup in her name to a soup kitchen. How could she stand working with me is beyond comprehension....the end result is that she dropped the law suit (no evidence). I actually told the lawyer that if he settled the suit that I would resign, but not on an index card. I would use a poster board and hang it on the gates of the university.

Yep, the life of BPM is not all fun and games like it was last night. Uh huh....the big party to honor my cousin was pretty cool. First of all, I do not dress up often, since I really do not need to wear heals and pearls to the ball park, unless I want a net thrown over my head. So, once I figured out what to wear, the rest was put together with the help of Wildcat, who stopped by the house yesterday. She added some needed touches to the ensemble and off we went to the big party in the city.

As I drove Tink to pick up Scooby, I began to notice a dusty scent coming off my clothes and sneezed. Yeah, dust....the last time that I wore this top was some time in the 1990' since it was Talbot's, the design is timeless....back to the smell....I realized that the dust scent was not from the car but from me. Here I am going to a big party where people are going to get close and kiss or hug me and I smell like underneath the sofa. This will not do....nope, can't have I did what any other dusty smelling person would do....I stopped at the Macy's and sprayed myself with Bobbi Brown Bath cologne. Now I smelled like pretty dusty one else had that scent last night...only me. Tink needed to open one of the car windows after I came out of Macy's....what was she saying? Oh, was she being hostile? Hummmm....

Ok, the party was a great success and I have even more admiration for my cousin who has taken on the issue of criminals being falsely accused and incarcerated. This is a national movement and now that there is additional DNA evidence, more individuals are being acquitted. One former inmate made a speech and was in prison for ten years. The person who actually committed the crime was his cell mate. Oye....a girls' choir sang a song about being free and one man who had been freed as a result of my cousin's efforts cried during the entire song. It was quite moving.

Now what? Well, the big kid is headed home today and perhaps I will see him....maybe not, since I have to work until late tonight. Either he will be in bed when I return home or he will be with Dewey and Meat somewhere eating Mexican food taking about saving the world, politics, and/or the movie Hangover 3's debut.

Time to get ready for the day....peace~

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