Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cupcakes and more

Greetings from the's hot n steamy....something like our airplane last night. Yeah, that's right...we sat on the tarmac at the airport for 90 minutes waiting to take off. The plane was so hot that my hair curled and shirt was drenched.....if that is not bad enough, I began to feel claustrophobic and had to do some deep breathing, we took off and the plane cooled down. But I really hate the feeling of complete powerlessness when you have to sit there, see the ground, and can't move. Yuk.....hate flying....wish I had wings to fly places myself. Now, that is an image......the only problem is where would I put my luggage and laptop? On my back?

Uh, maybe.....

Tink, dad, and I are in the south this weekend visiting the southern belle and pop. Gotta make some homemade goodies to fill the fridge. I guess that you would call this a culinary house call. Will submit my bill to Obama Care through the IRS....just kiddin'....

On to the big leftie who we left home to mind Diva dog and play baseball and perhaps work in the bakery to earn money to go to Texas next week. He is definitely a work in progress, so to say. He had a game last night with the local adult league and was placed in the game to 'pitch run'. You see, he has to play in at least six games to qualify to pitch in the play offs. Since he is gone for two weeks, the coach wants him to be active when he returns. So, he placed him in to pitch run.....The questions were: "Did you steal any bases?" and "Did you score?"

The answers were "no" and "no"...."I am not running, pulling a muscle, getting spiked, breaking my ankle for no one....." Fortunately, the batter popped up to end the inning. He got into the game and can remain damage one was spiked......

Once he returned home, I had given him a list of things to do and remember:
1. lock all doors
2. turn alarm on when you leave and at night.
3. turn gas off after grilling
4. turn gas off after using stove top
5. walk the dog
6. feed the dog
7. don't trust the dog...ever...

By 11 pm last night when we touched base after arriving in Atlanta, he had already walked the dog and set off the alarm alerting police and the alarm people.


Next time before I leave, I will give him a tutorial with pictures and post it notes.....In other words: do not open the door without turning the alarm off. The police do not like coming to a house when there is nothing to do. Face it, they like action, not some knucklehead who forgets the pass code to his own home. Also, when they come to a house without needing their service, they get real cranky and give us a citation. Yep, that's right, it costs me money.....and embarrassment when I open the door in the middle of the night....I am frightening enough during the day....envision 2 am after a little REM sleep.

With that said, I am off to the Piggly Wiggly or something like that to buy ingredients. These people do not have cupcake pans....what kind of a house does not have cupcake pans? Aren't cupcakes part of the nutritional pyramid? So much to teach little time.....

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