Thursday, May 16, 2013

Own it

Good morning! I have been told that there is a "new sheriff in town...." What does this phrase mean?
Well, after an abysmal season, the guys continue to party and by party, I mean...part-eeee. Yep, in every sense of the word, they are enjoying themselves....which leads me to muse about this
phenomenon of competitors who are too relaxed.

Yep, with a losing record, the guys are drinking, eating, and partying to the wee hours of the morning, then heading to the stadium to slay the mighty conference foes. With that kind of preparation, is it a wonder why they cannot win? Have a conference high in fielding errors? Have pitchers who cannot


find the plates? Coaches who seemingly have checked out?

What do I think about it? Well, as you know, I am a parent...not like the ones who stop by their kids houses and start drinking until excess or falling down drunk, I don't bring alcohol to my child's residence to party with him and the guys, and I do not stay until the early morning to see the sunrise as I adjust to a major hangover.  I also do not tell the guys during a losing streak to get drunk, nor would I play a player who has failed a drug test (although by policy, they policies violated).

While listening to the big kid rant this morning, he has decided to take over next year. He wants a team that focuses on their sport during the season and who is serious. Does he have his work cut out for him? a word....yep.....

As he spewed his dislike for what is going on and what happened, I asked him how he was going to stage his "coup". "Well, they may need some autocratic leadership...." Ok, professor, let's think this one through.....An autocrat is someone demanding that others follow their command not lead. So, if you think that these knuckleheads are going to acquiesce to this type of authority, then you have a bigger issue. Therefore, re-think the autocratic theory.
"OK, maybe I will lead by example...." Ahhh, better......This seems like a more reasonable approach to getting the guys to work harder and eliminate alcohol and @#^& from their lives. Already one player lost an internship because he failed a drug test. Is this pervasive in this university or all universities in the US? You tell me.....I think that once the kids leave the home, they make their decisions. Hopefully, we instilled in them the right method of accountability for their actions. You make a bad decision, you 'own' it. Mama told you the now live by your actions....
But, somewhere along the rocky road, the big kid got the message. Is he perfect? Sorry, I just laughed and fell off the sofa....No, he is not perfect but he has his values and has been making fairly good decisions and finally, yes, finally made the deans list. Oh yeah, and I did hear something about law little guy who cursed the rain during a postponed baseball game in grade school....who cried when he was thrown out at first, if this really happens, then I can demand a DNA test, 'cause I am not sure that he is really my kid.

With that said, the game begins tonight at 6pm as the headaches  begin to abate. From what I understand, there was a huge party last night and the guys will be hung over. This is a great way to end an abysmal season. In other words, these guys will 'own' the outcome...

Have a good one!

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