Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Talking baseball

Good morning! Cupcake is in the house! That's right...my little fairy god daughter is hanging out with Tink and Diva dog while her momma, Buttercup returns to school to become an interior decorator. Let me tell, ya...she can begin here in this house.....Ok, what's up? Not much....although every time I say the word "Cupcake" to speak to the baby, I get a powerful urge to bite into a vanilla vanilla cupcake...just sayin'...the power of suggestion.....

How are things in the mountains? Well, hmmmm......Today the team has a home game which will be broadcasted nationally. Yes, this is true. The team is 6-21 and they will be on television. Buddy has not pitched in over ten days yet I know that he will be on the mound today...rusty....perhaps unable to find the plate....OR maybe he will surprise all of us and just mow them down.
Why hasn't he pitched in so long? It seems that the coach does not have a plan of action. When someone does not pitch in a game, he should be in the gym or pitching cage throwing as if he was in a game. But since the guys do not know when they will be placed in any game, they can't pitch in between because you should only throw full force twice at week at the most. Otherwise, they will ruin their arms. With that said, none of the guys can pitch their bullpens unless they start the game. The other guys sit there watching the grass grow wondering if they passed their Botany tests.

Watching this from a parent's perspective is frustrating. Thinking that he signed on for a decent team with coaches who would develop his talent was wrong. They are not doing what they promised. I am not sure why. Perhaps they do not have the tools to translate what they know to their players. After all, to coach well means that you have to be able to communicate fundamentals, expectations, and standards. These hitters cannot even bunt which is one of the easiest things to do. The batter squares, turns the bat, and just nicks the ball so that it drops a few feet away from the catcher...then he

runs...these guys run then square up.....again....huh?

Ah....it's all about learning. They are learning.....they are learning what to do and how to advocate for themselves. Dad and I are not involved. The coaches would not know us if they fell on top of us in the rest room.

Although Dad has made one suggestion each day for the last three years....talk to the coaches. That's it. If he wants answers...if he wants coaching...if he wants advice...he cannot use his non existent powers of mental telepathy. He has to formulate sentences and open his mouth. Then he has to politely ask the coach for assistance in developing his skills. Does that make sense that he has to ask? Well, he does.....sadly....Until he asks, he will remain in the bullpen, rusty, dull, and unable to strike anyone out. Is that what the coaches want? I don't know...ask them.....


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