Sunday, April 28, 2013

More competitive...

A great day in the northeast and I am headed out in a few minutes to hit one or two tennis balls with the girls. Yep....this is a perfect day for gardening or sports-related activities, hence I chose to let the mulch and weeds take care of themselves for a few more days......


And so, how was the weekend of baseball? Well, as you know, the big kid did not travel 'cause he has a "mental issue" with finding the plate., what will the coaches do about it if the athleticism and talent is there? Oh, I know....let him stay on campus and party with his friends. Perhaps he can also ace the final exam that he has on Monday.....

On to the games in O-hioooo.....yeah.....the ERA for the entire team (starters and bullpen) was 7.0. In other words, the team gave up 21 runs in three games. The opposition's ERA was 2.0. Guess who won all three games?

For entertainment value, I listened to game two on the computer....the broadcasters were talking about the bullpen and even said: "The big leftie did not make the trip this weekend, so the bullpen will be more competitive....."

Cough....Gasp....Scream....Huh? More competitive? Dude, you have been watching these games all season and my son is not the reason why the bullpen cannot hold on to the game. (His ERA and low opposing batting average are in the top tier.) In fact, the bullpen pitchers are called in when the starters go down and that is often early in the game. Yep, competitive all right...let me give you a competitive sandwich!

While giving up 21 runs without my son's presence, there were also multiple errors and once again, the team has not just been de-railed but they also have casualties.... For example, yesterday's starter has been diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. His career is over. Three other players have issues and are sidelined....there have been 9 pitcher surgeries in the last three years. Is any athletic director looking at these statistics? For such a large, prestigious division I school, there is a problem here.
Perhaps there needs to be a better arm care program....perhaps the training is not appropriate for a pitcher....did anyone notice that the injuries have been piling up? Oh, by the way, when a kid comes back from an injury, the coaches do not know nor want to know how to work with them to regain their form. Buddy gave the coach his prescribed regimen and the coach never opened it and is probably being used as a place mat on his desk to catch the ketchup when it drips off his Burger King Whopper.....I kid you not.....

Now here is where I stand...I worry that once he is in the game again, the coach will tinker with the mechanics and he will strain or tear something. This is a legitimate worry given their track record. I do believe that his shoulder injury was due to the coaching. In other words, there seems to be more to baseball than throwing and catching a ball. There is some instruction and proper mechanics.

How do I know? Well...watching all these years has made me somewhat of an expert.....I am also in the health care field and understand anatomy and physiology....and lastly, I have had an injury or two in my lifetime. I also know when my golf stroke or tennis serve is out of's mechanics!

I am now reading the Tiger Woods book written by his former coach. After one chapter, the same philosophy rings true....preparation....proper repetition.....mental toughness....coaching....yeah, even Tiger Woods has a coach who travels with him. A professional golfer in the world....let's consider when the coach walked out to the mound last week and told Buddy that he was a junior, so he should be able to fix his mechanics....did coach Haney say that to Tiger...."Hey, uh are the biggest money winner on tour....I think that you know what to do, so I'll stay back with the crowd and have a pulled pork sandwich and a cold beer..."

Yep, mechanics, coaching, repetition, preparation with body and physique....if developed properly, you have a winning pitcher, golfer, and perhaps team....I am off to put my sunscreen on and take my Aleeve.....Have a great day!

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