Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On the job training

Good Morning! Have you ever noticed on the morning shows, the weather is always on? Here in the northeast, it's always unpredictable. Sometimes the weather broadcasters call for a big snow and then we get flakes. Then we run to the food store to make sure that we have enough Skittles to make it through the next 24 hours. It's crazy.

Although, I have found that Skittles are more than a candy. They can be the sugar high that a person needs driving a long distance late at night. On our way home from the games on Saturday night, dad started to fade. Naturally, he was "fine" and did not need to change drivers. But there was a point when Tink scrambled to get the M&Ms out to give him a chocolate and sugar lift to get us home safely. We made it...whew...but there was a scary moment...that's all I am going to say.
On to the big kid....yes! He is close to scoring academic honors for the first time in his 21 years of life. Naturally, we are blown away.....I think that he is finding that earning good grades is as exciting as striking out a batter....almost....OK, not really...but it is pretty cool!

There are two week night games this week and a three game weekend conference series in Ohiooooo. They will be on the bus for that trip. I actually considered going to the weekend series but have to give a faculty workshop on Saturday. Otherwise, I would definitely go and cheer the team on.

As a team, they have not had a day off in months. A NCAA violation? You tell me......

Not much else going on.....I'll be listening to the game tonight. I believe the big kid should make it in to the game. No word from the coaches as to what the schedule will be....in fact, the coaches do not speak to the guys except to berate them. Poor Gopher has not been spoken to in over a month. He no longer travels with the team and rather than working with him to improve his hitting, he is ignored. Do all coaches act this way? Perhaps. The film of the Rutgers basketball coach was compelling and seemingly indicative of how coaches behave behind the scenes. Naturally, it is not all of the coaches, but they can be construed as big bullies rather than teachers. They intimidate rather than nurture. I wish that I knew of this phenomenon a few years ago, because things would be different now. But a person learns on the job and we have a boat load of information to share with high school kids and their parents. If anyone asks, I will give them the facts....just the facts...no editorial or commentary. If they want that, they can read this blog.

Keep the fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. Tink has a job interview today and hopefully, this is it. Her last job ended a few weeks ago as she was a companion for an elderly woman. Sadly, this wonderful lady passed away. Now Tink is working the job circuit looking for anything from a pharmacy tech to an assistant in an extended care facility. She has a good heart and would make an excellent companion.....anyone hiring?

On to work.....have a great day. GO team!

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