Monday, April 1, 2013

Rally Time

Good morning! I hope that the weekend left you refreshed and ready for the week. We had the family stop by for a few hours to eat, drink, and be merry. Did I mention eat? Yep...that's what we did and what I continue to do until I come to my senses again. After yesterday, I believe that I am a food addict and need a 12 step program to overcome the addiction to vanilla vanilla cake. Yum!
So, how is the big kid? Well, we listened to the game yesterday and he did not get into it. In fact, they 'road' LW until the 8th inning when his fast ball was in the 70's and the other team tee-d off on it. The score was tied until then...then pop...pop...pop....loss...again.....
How many losses? Sadly, they have not won since the Texas trip although they were close in a few. Let's just say that this is not a winning season and there will be no play offs this year. Buddy called yesterday dejected and just begging for a win. Hey, don't talk to me about it....although if you want my it comes...

From my limited vantage point, they lost 3 guys to the major leagues at the end of last season and some of their leaders. The guys need someone that will push them and motivate them to go beyond their comfort point. I think that they have become accustomed to losing. I suggested that the big leftie step up but his comment was that the guys generally tell him to shut up. So, rather than face their wrath, he puts on his cap, sneakers, and running shorts and runs in the outfield for 20 minutes after practice. Yes, I said "after"...he believes like I do that actions speak louder than words. As St. Francis of Assisi says (and believe me, I am NOT comparing the big kid to a saint....heaven forbid) "Preach the gospel and when necessary use words...." In other words, be there...role hard....people will notice your actions rather than some lame words.

"nuff said...I have to figure out how to stop eating in a hurry....any help would be most welcome.....gotta run...or should I say 'waddle?'

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