Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter! It's a wonderful day in the northeast. Yeah, a little overcast with the promise of rain....but who's Easter and the BP extended family are on their way....late...but on their way.

So, what's going on? Well, I dropped my 11 year old SUV with 172,000 miles on it in Buddy's driveway at school. How did it get there? Did I take the Mega Bus home? boiled down to me trusting our Tink to follow me closely on the turnpike and through the mountains. Yep, we had a caravan yesterday as I sweated this one for three hours. She did great! But I have to say, I was a nervous wreck. it's not an easy trip and I needed her to step up and she did! We stopped a few times to re-group and buy some Skittles and Starbucks....then we got there in time to see a game.

The temperature was mild yet I was perspiring in my team attire. After all, it's always freezing at those games. ....but first....Tink and I stopped at the leftie's house to drop off the perishable food that I brought. While there, I knew that I had to remove the long johns so I made the journey up to his bedroom....does the word "ew" say anything to you? Well, that's all I could think of as I toured the house. It's pretty gruesome. The walls are banged up and in....the bathroom floor has so much dirt in it that I could take a swab of it and grow multiple strains of bacteria that could be and could not be identified. They have their own germ farm in that place. I guess you expect it with guys who have two jobs....going to school and  playing baseball. When do they have time to clean? Dunno....crazy though. I would never sit down nor take my shoes off in there....ever....ever...I mean it....never....

On to the game.....may I say that with the beautiful day, I did not care if the kid made it into the game or not. True....I loved sitting in the sun and watching a pretty good game, so there was no worries as to whether he got in or not.

Yet, as you know, I am BP mom and always wait until he makes an appearance in the game. So, we watched, and watched....watched some more...hey...who is warming up? Rats...a right the game...watching....the righty is in trouble....can't close out the game....they go to....Yahoo!

Here is what happened. The starting pitcher made it through 7 innings and they called a senior right hander in. By the top of the 10th inning he had two outs, but could not close the deal, let a run score to take the lead, and walked the next two batters. When he faced another and threw a ball....who was brought into the game? That's of the tenth inning ....he runs in and his name and face are put on the jumbo tron.....the only problem is that they misspelled the I am calling him the Rodney Dangerfield of the team...he gets no respect....none whatsoever. But at least he made it into the game.

He battled with the hitter until the count was 3-1....threw his slider and jammed the kid....he popped it up and the inning was over. Yep, we waited ten innings, traveled three hours, watched the game and he threw 3 pitches to end the game. Another good his confidence makes a return.

I was grateful that the guy made it into the game and we were able to see him. He seems happy and thrilled to have the car. With that said, it's time to prepare for the onslaught of the masses. I can listen to this afternoon's game on the computer as we delve into the malted eggs, Hershey kisses, and chocolate bunnies. Weight Watchers is not going to like this one.

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