Monday, March 25, 2013

Will Smith's lessons for pitchers

It's snowing...that's right...a spring storm with ice and slick complaints....I have given up complaining for Lent. Actually, I started this sacrifice yesterday and so far so good....although dad and Tink are calling me on some lame stuff. Calling things as I see them is not complaining....that's all there is to it.

The team got back at a reasonable time last night and the big guy headed to the library to study for a test. Uh huh...that's after the 8+ hour trek home and playing three games in two days. Nothing gonna stop this the way, he posted this video on my FB page. I believe it represents how he feels at this moment....enjoy...

After viewing this video, does anyone call Will Smith's focus on excellence psychotic?  I don't think so. In fact, I like what he had to say. He worked his way up from obscurity to who he is  now....a success story.

The big lefty likes to read autobiographies on how the great ones made it and all of the hard work that went into success. It motivates him even more. If someone had told me that my son would spend hours upon hours in the library studying, I would have laughed and given them a breathalyzer test. Yet, that is where he is....studying....talking to teachers about grades....challenging them....Hmmm....did he listen to us as he grew? Did it finally sink in OR did what I think was going to happen actually happen?
What I mean is...that I left him alone over the years and let him make his own mistakes, because that was the only way he was going to learn...through life's lessons. I know that he tuned me out when I would I stopped. But every now and then I will send him a note about my expectations and how proud I am of him. All I want for him is to make good decisions, be a good, kind, caring man, and go to church....that's it. I don't care if he picks up trash or runs the board room. His happiness and ability to be independent is what it is all about. He put this notion into his own head about being the best. Perhaps he watches his dad's work is at work or at least thinking about it 24/7. Crazy? uh huh...but it is what drives him each hobbies....just work.

And so, this week is going to be interesting. There is a game in Pittsburgh on Wednesday and home stand over the weekend. The weather remains frosty, so I will have the hand warmers ready. Tink and I will head to the weekend's game, hoping that he gets in on Friday or Saturday since we are not the entire weekend.

Time to shovel a grassy spot for Diva to pee.....she does not like to squat in snow...who does?


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