Monday, March 11, 2013

Red Bull to the rescue

Good Monday morning! It's foggy here in the northeast and we expect rain. Yuk. At least it is not snow.

I am sure that the big question is how did the Texas trip end? Well, I got a 7 am wake up call from a kid who has not been to bed nor slept during the night. Here is what I was able to ascertain...... They were kicked out of the hotel and had to hang out in a mall for a few hours. "Mom, did you know Gucci is expensive?"  Dude, do you see dad or me wearing the brand? 'Nuf said.
The Houston flight left last night and arrived in Baltimore after midnight. Luggage was lost, the bus picked the team up and no one slept. They arrived on campus at 5 am and with a 8 am class, there is no sleep.

He has two classes today, a lift in the weight room, and test at 10 am tomorrow. No rest for the weary. Now, this is something to complain about....but he doesn't. When I hung up the phone, he was looking for a Red Bull or Mountain Dew. Yum....

OK, now that they are back, they prepare to leave again on Friday for three games in the Philadelphia region. Since the boys are local (so to speak, Sunday's game is 60 minutes away; Saturday's game is 45 minutes from the house), I can treat them to some home cooking and Philly specialties. He has already "ordered" pulled pork, baked french toast, chicken parm, ziti, and bakery cake. Big Red and Gopher are in need of stuffed cupcakes. After all, they have some luck associated with them.

This week will be filled with practices, tests, papers, and classes. Then they depart on Friday. Yesterday, he received a text from one of his roomies. OC mentioned that he forgot to turn the heat off in their house and they are 'out' of oil. Hmmm, that means another call to the oil company and $300+ from the four room mates. Since OC's bank is his mother's Gucci bag, it doesn't mean much to him but for the other three, it is hardship. Fortunately, Buddy was able to save his food stipend from the week since I picked up the tab for several days and he is going pay his share of the bill without dipping into his money. least it is not coming from my wallet.
It's time to get ready for work. I have to go into the office today for a series of meetings. I love this time of the year, when I can work at home, attend baseball games, and go in once a week. It's great. The money is so-so....less than so-so...but the flexibility is worth millions.

On to campus. Have a great day.

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