Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blue Lightening

Good morning! Another day...and I have new tires on my car. That's right...the car got Easter shoes. Zoom, she goes and tries not to hit any pot holes with her new tires.....

Anyway, enough about me. It is going to be a crazy week with lots of meetings...that's right...gotta work. Today I have the honor society event and a meeting with my research mentor. Do you believe in what goes round...comes around? Or something like that?

A former student of mine is working on her graduate degree and contacted me to work together on her research. I love being a Chipmunk and not Alvin. In other words, if she wants to take the lead on a project, I am all for it. She plans on performing the research at the Veterans Hospital, which is terrific. However, before starting to collect data, we have to go before a review board to assure them in no uncertain way that our subjects will be safe from injury and all information will be strictly confidential. This is fine, but I have to prepare a 50 page report to submit to the board. With that said, I want to meet with the woman at my university who mentors faculty research projects. Sounds complicated, right? Yeah, it is....anyway, the mentor and I will meet today to make sure that the study meets standards and the protocol is scientific. Boring...yes, but the study is essential to guarantee hospitalized veterans to receive quality care.

And now you see why I try not to discuss my work, because I just fell asleep during that paragraph. But, if the study makes a dent in the vet's care, then I am in.....all the way....

How is the big kid? Well, he took his exam yesterday and met with the teacher afterwards to challenge a few questions. He actually made some excellent points and was rewarded with his debate. Hey, if he gets one or two more points on his grade, then so be it. He is turning into quite a student. Is this really my kid? Just sayin'

There is an away game tomorrow night and home stand on the weekend. Tink and I are going to drop his car off on campus. His carefully constructed plan was that I was going to drive the car to campus, hand him the keys, then take the Mega Bus home. Yeah, you read that right.....he wants me to take the bus home after I drive his car (the one that I gave him) to campus.....then take the bus....to the inner city station as it arrives at 1 am. Uh huh....let's revise that plan.....
Tink will follow me to campus and drive me home. That sounds better, right?

Now he is going to have a car and I am trying not to worry. Fortunately, they live right off campus, so the bars are within walking distance. Knowing that he does not like to parallel park and is too cheap to pay for a parking garage, then I don't see any drinking and driving. But that is my biggest fear. Yet I think that he is mature enough to handle it....but.....if anything happens, can anyone say "Blue lightening?"

What's blue lightening? Oh, that's the bike that I bought him freshman year. He needed it...had to have it.....yeah...where is it? I have gotten 6 different locations in the past few years. My thought is that he has no idea where blue lightening is. But, he's gonna have to find it real quick if I take the car away....

With that said, time to prepare for the meetings. Have a great week.

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