Friday, March 22, 2013


Morning! It's freezing here...and it is freezing in the midwest where the baseball team is playing. In fact, they are due for a snow storm on, I would expect there will be a double header on Saturday in anticipation of the low front....In the meantime, I will be glued to my laptop starting today at 4 pm watching or listening to the game.

Yesterday, before the team left, the players were given their plane tickets. Sadly, Buddy's name was not on his ticket. Rather, he held another player's ticket. In other words....the coaches signed him off at the beginning of the season as a dud and not a stud. He texted me the news....then he sent the words: "Revenge"....Ok, let's see how it goes....revenge, it is....
Lately, we have been bonding over autobiographies. With my Galaxy tablet, I have been reading more books. Did you know that you can take e-books out of the library? Yep, that's what I do. I scan the card catalog and download a few books for three weeks. I have no clue how it works...but it does....

And so, I have read Andre Aggassi's book, Chris Coaste the 33 year old major league rookie, and Tom Coughlin's book on preparation and attention to details. He is enjoying seeing how hard these people worked to attain the pinnacle of their careers. I guess if you are not exposed to the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, people think that you are a freak. And this is how the coaches treat my son.

With his quiet nature, attention to detail, and work ethic, they call him a psycho. Isn't that what they want? Do they not recognize this is what you have to do to be successful? The head coach should understand since he was a former major league player. He should be applauding this attitude of perfection rather than letting the other coaches belittle it. But it continues, and that makes my kid stronger....'cause once again, they underestimate him. it goes....on and on and on.....I have to hand it to the big kid, I am not sure that I could handle it....the hard work and insults BUT the dividends have been tremendous. He has made some life long friends and had some incredible experiences. Is it worth it? Yeah... I think so....

Let's go team!

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