Friday, March 15, 2013

A bouquet

Howdy! This is another quick post. The team is on its way to the region for three games. They are staying at a Hyatt 20 minutes from the house. Yes, I said 'Hyatt"....hmmmm....

OK, what are the plans? Well, since I can only accommodate 4 guys in my car, I am bringing them home for dinner and relaxation. Then they have to be back by 11 ish and ready for the coaches to knock on the hotel doors for curfew. Did I mention that they are staying in a Hyatt?

Anyway, the house is filled with food and Gatorades. I made the specialties and have the kitchen ready for 5 hungry guys (dad is included). I am bummed that Chill and Hunter could not make it for the weekend, but we will see them with warmer weather.

While cleaning the kitchen, the UPS guy dropped off a package that made Diva Dog convulse. Looking at it, someone sent me flowers. How nice! Who would have done that? Who do I know would send me flowers? FTD! Yeah, not the cheapos...who, who, who? It's not my birthday....not Thanksgiving or Valentine's I dying? Did my blood work come back with an issue? Oh why meeee?

Back to the flowers. I opened the package of tulips which are very pretty and then slowly opened the envelope. DO I have a secret admirer? Does dad remember that he has a wife and family? Did I win the lottery? Nope! The beautiful FTD tickler bouquet came from none other than my ever-lovin' son! Yeah! I was surprised too!

On the card, he thanked me for all my support and signed the card....'love'.....awwwww...that's it folks....awwwwww......
Wow. I have no words for this one and feel truly blessed to be BP mom.....I guess that he appreciates the craziness of our lives and understands that this is his matter how many Hyatt's he stays in.....I am blessed.....

Got to get to the salad.....Peace!

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