Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Momma madness

Happy day! Tink, BP Grandpop, Big Sis, and Cupcake are all sick with some sort of bronchitis. Nevertheless, this group will not let anything like unstoppable productive coughing get in their ways. No, takes more than a little cold to get them down. By the way, happy 17th birthday to Tuna. He is now allowed to get his driver's license....oy!

I had a long day of meetings yesterday and did not have time to write. So, I can update readers on what is new....and what is not new.....

According to the big guy...the coach still does not like him (nothing new)....

He is going to be number one left handed reliever out of the bullpen this weekend (nothing new).

The games for today and tomorrow have been postponed due to weather (new information).

Someone continues to steal his ADD medication (nothing new yet new). Although he had a fool proof method of hiding it, the perp found it and lifted it from its hiding spot. To which dad and I both replied: "If you do not report this to the coach, someone could say that you were either selling it or giving it away." Of course, it fell on deaf ears until the following words came out of my mouth: "If you do not report this today, I will come onto campus, drive onto the field, stop practice, and tell the coaches what is going on. Then I will address the team on the loud speaker about taking a medication that is prescribed for another person and how wrong stealing is....." Do you think that he heard that one? I think so...the threat is not really a's a promise. I will do it and make a scene. How do you like that one? You know about March Madness.....well this is momma madness......nothing will stop me.....

I had a conversation with our family physician about what was going on and she replied that this is common. Students are either stealing the medication for a buzz and high or selling it for cash. Anyway you look at it, it is wrong....with a capital "W".

On to baseball...this weekend, the guys are in Indiana. I will miss this round of action. First, it is going to be cold. Second, I don't want to go to Indiana. Third, I have a meeting on Saturday...yeah, a for work...on a Saturday.....can anyone say "yuk!".

However, I plan on being by the computer to watch and listen to the action. I won't have the Skittles since they are not on the WW 360 plan, but I can have fruit and I will start a more healthy way of watching/listening to baseball....with a carrot stick in one hand and my computer mouse in the other trying to unfreeze the screen.

Until then, got to run errands.....have a great day!

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