Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Movin on.....Doors and trees

Happy New Year! It's a rainy southern day as  I tried to sneak out of the room early to write. You see, since the house has been destroyed, we are stuck in this fancy inn. Am I complaining? I shouldn't be since it is first class accommodations. After all, they have butlers greet me every time I walk into the lobby. But, there is a significant lack of privacy which I miss especially in the morning when I love writing in my pajamas. It would not look good if one of the butlers would be heard saying "Oh good morning, Mrs. BPM, your faded Illinois tee shirt and old pajama bottoms are lovely today. In fact, they go beautifully with your blood shot eyes and unkempt appearance." I don't know about you, but I prefer to keep my blood shot eyes and unkempt appearance to myself before sharing it with the world.

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Truly, this inn is terrific, but there is no place like a home. My comfort level has dropped significantly as we our stays increase.

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By the way, the insurance company is paying for this place. I could never afford it unless I checked the change under the sofa cushions here. By the way, no one is in the lobby and there is a big cushy sofa here. Should I look to see if any change drops? Dare I?

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I pause...look around...and lift up the cushion closest to me...Mission accomplished.

There is no fallen change under the inn cushions just a candy wrapper....Rats...And I was almost caught by a butler. Sheepishly, I puffed the pillows to look like I was straightening them out.....I need a life....

OK, So, what is going on with the house and Barney? Welll....

Barney finally sent a contract yesterday. Even my unaware eye could see that it came off the internet and was totally wrong. Barney wants a significant amount of money wired to him each month to pay for expenses that he might not have.

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Now, let's be clear....BP Grandma (who has a terrible cold...get better, ma) did not raise a fool...a flake, perhaps...but not a fool.

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"Barney, this contract does not make sense. You are to be sent money upfront then as bills arise PLUS 15%. I won't be signing this one....." And so, life in Mayberry continues as we can't even get the contract worked out.

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Today the building plans go before the board in the community for approval.It has taken 9 months and uber $$ to get them done. Originally, we wanted to open up the kitchen and family room to maximize space for people to gather....then it happened.....the original architect's son, who is also an architect took a walk around the house sand began to make suggestions...like a loft for more bedroom space....I like it....

Then he went into the living room....let's bump this out for better vision of your gorgeous view....OK, this seems cool.....

want another fireplace? Sure, who doesn't?

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How about a firepit? Uh, yeah.....

This eating section is small....if we add space, you can fit at least 12 people....you say, 12? well, that seems like a wonderful idea.

On to the upstairs....let's add a balcony and deck....then we can increase space in the master bedroom and add a media room. A media room and balcony, you say? Go for it....$$$..

Last idea....Tink's bedroom has to be moved if you want a media room and balcony. Then move it sir. SSSSSSSSS

Ooops....totally forgot....the HVAC system and roof need replacing....SSSSSSSSS

Ten trees have to be taken done and replaced SSSSS
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Now, mind, you....Hurricane Matthew helped with tree removal and added a skylight in the roof with a large tree branch that hit it. Oh yeah...the landscaping needs revamping too. Let's add a patio and waterfall....

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Now you can see why I crave a bit of privacy in the morning. I need to it organize, caffeinate, and prepare to do battle in Mayberry. Each project has a different project manager who will be named at a later date. Also, we are controlling this project from 800 miles away which means several day trips back to Mayberry to work with vendors. So far, our first invoice is $$$$ over budget. This is pretty much and "ouch, that smarts...." does that mean that we cannot have our toilet with the night light? Don't make fun of me, but if you saw this toilet, you would want it too. Also, there is a way to heat the seat. Yes, in this day of poverty, homelessness, and hunger, I am actually considering a heated toilet seat. This is terrible...yet intriguing. If I have extra money, it should go to the poor....yet.....it's not that expensive when you consider the joy the 12 people who sit at my kitchen table will have.....Am I wrong? Don't answer. I already feel the pangs of guilt.

OK, off to pick out doors....yes, I said doors.

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