Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lottery winner? Not!

It's Saturday and there are a few snow flurries.

Fortunately, it is not snowing. I can deal with a flurry or two. I am still pondering how I am find an extra $7K....I have already cleaned under the sofa cushions in my own home and BP Grandmom's. I found 17 cents. It's now mine.Image result for looking under sofa cushion for change gif

I may buy a few lottery tickets tonight. While driving over to BP grandmom's house, Tink was reading to me my lucky Year of the Rooster numbers. Perhaps I should play these numbers. After all, how does a person win the lottery? Is it ordained in heaven, random, or lucky? Once for a big jackpot, I placed my lottery ticket in the Bible thinking that I would have an advantage over the next person. BUT that was not the case. I did not even get one number when the winners were announced.

Face it. I am not a lucky person....except I won the weekly Biggest lower raffle two weeks ago and got a PowerBar. That's it. Nothing else. And so, I continue to think....need inspiration....

How is the big kid? Well, it is looking like he is going to cancel his law school interview in North Carolina next week. Whew! Am I glad for that one. Our great plan was to leave at 4 am on Monday, drive 8 hours, interview at 1:30 pm, then head home another 8 hours. Frankly, I was not crazy about this plan, but it was our only option. Air fare is outrageous, so we planned on driving my car since it has XM radio. But then, the big guy had a conversation with his old friend C, also a law student, who told him that he would have to start over if he headed to the south.
You see, he has lots of prep school friends and contacts in the northeast as well as his baseball posse and reputation. He would be crazy to leave it.....of course, his BP mom would be close by to drop off some food and drink when he needed it.

On a similar note, he is now giving pitching lessons at a near by facility. His roster is growing as is his reputation. So, if he stays nearby, he can continue to coach and teach pitching to his minions. It's funny how things turn out. He has begun to complain about parents and their unreal expectations. According to many of them, their child is the next Babe Ruth. My philosophy has always been, you do not know how good a kid is going to be until he or she is 14....unless you are little P.

Who is Little P? Well, Lil P is my neighbor. She's sweet kid around 11 years old, who loves Fiji that in the Balkans?  These kids in my neighborhood go on these exotic vacations while I have to Google them to see which hemisphere they are in....

I digress.....back to Lil P.

Lil P, besides being my cooking buddy, is a gymnast. She has been going to the gym 6 days a week since she was 7. Extraordinary, yes?

Anyway, P is good...real good...when I say 'good', I mean excellent....when I say excellent, I really mean Gabby Douglas awesome. Lil P's parent fixed the basement and she has a section for the rings, balance beem, balance bar, and floor mats. There is not enough space overhead for the uneven bars. If there was, she would have them. Anyway, her dad occasionally posts her competitions online and I am floored by her abilities. The Big Kid and I watched her last competition on the uneven bars and let me tell you, I could not tell the difference between P and the Olympic team. Once she did a triple back flip for me in the yard. Perfect form and landing....she was scored a ten by everyone in the neighborhood except the Russian family on the corner....yep, Lil P is on her way.....somewhere.

Ok, time for me to grade some papers.



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