Thursday, January 12, 2017

Movin' on...choosing a team name.

Greetings! I could not post yesterday because I had to work on campus. Yes, I do work at home, but I had to physically be on campus and show myself to a room filled with students. I also had multiple meetings and was running on a low tank of gas. Somehow, all goals were achieved except I forgot to pick up a bottle of wine for my one glass to drink at my own personal happy hour. To clarify, happy hour is the first hour I am home from work. Then it can turn into happier hours or not so happy hours. At least, I am ready for whatever comes my way.

Anyway, I was on the run yesterday because I had to start my day out in the gym.
Since Tink and I are trying to be the biggest losers, I had to be a good role model. However, we cannot agree on a name. here are some of the finalists:

25% off
25% down
Thick and thin
Cereal Killers (Tink's favorite)
No Weigh
Tried and Tased
Go down
Eight too much
One weigh
In it to thin it
Less is more
Calorie Killers
Waist management
Shrinking violets
Withering a weigh

Image result for weight loss team gif
Whaddya think? Can Tink and I agree on a name? Did the other teams go to the same website to find their names too? Stay tuned. I am headed to the gym tonight and will select a name for the contest. Hopefully Tink will like it.

How is the southern house? Hmmmmm...well, it seems that the landscaper changed his estimate. Dad spoke with him and asked to revisit the prices and what he was going to plant. We do not need a 50 foot replacement palm tree for a 20 foot one. Also, when Hurricane Matthew roared through town, several trees were knocked down and left in the yard until FEMA picked them up. There was a huge tree that was hollow inside. I wonder how many other trees next to the house are hollow?

Image result for hurricane matthew tree damage gif

Also, Barney Fife is getting the permits to begin demolition. I watched a HGTV show with the cute Texas couple a few days ago. He said that his favorite day after his birthday and before Christmas was "demolition day".

I am sure that this couple really loves each other but I give them props and a shout out for working together and not killing each other. This is absolutely something I could not do, that with my spouse...'nuff said.

back to demolition .....I am sure that taking a big hammer and ramming it through a wall can be quite cathartic. I have always wanted to do that, but have never had a chance. OK, let's put that on my bucket list. Bucket list item 1: Take a sledge hammer and ram it through an existing wall. Drop it, then walk away and let someone else clean up.

As far as Bucket list item 2 is concerned, I don't have another. I guess the sledge hammer is the only thing that I really want to do. Yep, that's all. I am a pretty simple girl.

Now that the semester has started, I am on the clock, so I gotta go....


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