Saturday, January 7, 2017

Movin on back north

Good morning! I have been MIA for the past two days recovering from the long ride home on Thursday. We left at 4 am and drove until we needed gas for the car....then continued some more. All in all, it took about 10.5 hours to make the trip back north. Once home, I had to address work related issues and sign up for the Biggest Loser with Tink. She swears that we are going to win. I do not know if I have the willpower two years in a row to lose and sculpt. She is going to have to motivate me. Of course, I my progress has been derailed.....

On to what's new. Well, yesterday, the big kid got his first acceptance to law school. That's school. if you are a regular reader, you know that I have always doubted his sincerity when he said that he wanted to go to law school. Never in a million years did I think that my athlete would want more school. My vision of his future had nothing to do with post baccalaureate education. But I kept my mouth shut and watched. And boy, did he prove me wrong. He took a LSAT prep class and  the LSAT's twice, wrote countless essays, and applied to (as of today) one law school. Boom! Yesterday, he received the letter AND a scholarship that had the word "merit" in it!

Yes, that is correct. My little boy, who does not read directions and put Tink's desk together backwards, received a merit scholarship from a law school. Boy, has my paradigm shifted as did the earth off its axis. Now, I will continue to sit back and keep my thoughts to myself.

On to an essay that he is currently writing. We have all been rejected, right? Come on...admit have been rejected once or twice. Well, I know that I hold the record in rejections. Check out the Guinness Book of World Records under "rejections" and you will see my face. Anyway, the big kid would LOVE to attend law school at dad, Big M's and my alma mater. He was raised with a love of blue and white and cannot think of anywhere else he would like to go. However......fade to black....

Six years ago, the baseball coach felt that he was not blue and white material and rejected him. Ouch. That hurt.

After making the team at the big school in the mountains, he had the opportunity to pitch against blue and white. Boom! Yep, he dismantled them......

The following year, he had a torn groin and was pitching on one leg. Bam! he took them down again with an all time low fast ball of 78 mph (he could not land with the groin and hip, so he threw from his arm rather than body). Once and white go down.

Now, he knows that an acceptance to blue and white law school is a long shot if not a miracle, so he is writing an essay that will either place him on a pedestal with a full ride or be banned from campus and football games forever. In this essay, he is writing about his love for blue and white, his legacy, their chance to take him for the baseball team (they had the first shot) and the coach's rejection of his abilities. He segues into how he destroyed them on the mound proving to them that they made a mistake. Lastly, he shares that he does not want them to make another mistake and is giving them a second shot.

Arrogant? Or dare I say, 'brilliant"?

I am going with the brilliant part for two reasons. First, he has nothing to lose. Second, since he has nothing to lose,

He has to capture their attention with an outrageous essay. I believe his tactic may work. If it does, I will sit back and marvel at how a competitive mind can be one of the best assets in life. If he does not get in, I will sit back and say, "hey, you gave it a shot." After all, these admissions officers receive the same letter for each applicant. "I want to change the an advocate for the downtrodden...and so on and so on...."  How many law schools receive a letter that says, "please don't reject me twice, 'cause I can prove you wrong again."?

Image result for outrageous essay gif
And so, the quest toward a law degree continues while Tink sleeps through our first work out. Can anyone say "epic fail?"

As far as my diet derailment is concerned, it is the Big Kid's fault. When he was accepted in law school, we had to celebrate....that's right. Usually we celebrate with cake, but since he loves pecan pie more than his car, I picked up a pie...then proceeded to congratulate him at dinner and polish off two pieces. Yep, the road to weight loss and sculpting has been officially derailed less than 24 hours after I began.

Got to waddle to boot camp.


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