Friday, January 27, 2017

Movin On....Bake Sale

Howdy! I'm back.....Before I get into the meat and taters of life, I wants to send a few shout outs....
First to the Baker's mom who fell and broke her hip. Get well! Hope you are back on your feet and dancing to the oldies soon!

Second shout out to my godson, Descartes. He is headed to Syracuse (early admission) to study philosophy. 

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When one of my professors called me "esoteric", I looked up the word and decided that she had the wrong adjective to describe me. After all, I am the last person on the planet to be described as esoteric. Trust me. 
Then he wants to go to law school. This kid will achieve anything he sets his mind to....although, I gotta say.....philosophy was one of my worst courses. I could not think with the rest of them and needed everything explained to me in a concrete manner.

Ok, what else is new? Wellll......

Friday is weigh in for the Biggest Loser contest. Yesterday, I grabbed a hot soft pretzel at the student sale on campus. It was delicious! Hey, it was for charity.... and I have no regrets...although.....I am only down 1 pound in three weeks.
Since 5 pounds is my goal, I am on target. However, I stopped to weigh myself before the skills and drills class this morning and saw that I was up 0.2 pound. way...So, I did what any other person would do....I took off my shoes, sweat shirt, and glasses. I also wore my lightest clothes and  weighed myself again....still did not drop anything......Then I headed to class.
The woman with the nice blue eyes standing next to me said that she lost 10 pounds in the last three weeks. Yikes! I am struggling over .2 pounds. Then I decided....

I would work out hard during class....not drink water....then go to the bathroom...then I walked to the scale for my official weekly measurement..........down 0.4 pounds! There you have it. Dehydration, an empty bladder, and all clothes including my knee brace off yields tremendous results on the scale.

What else is new? Well,, I am trying to figure out how to score $7000 for iPads for my little impoverished school in the city. They have a wish list on Amazon. They want bilingual books, math cards, flash cards and iPads. Naturally, I want to donate the iPads. They need thirty. It's $7000. What to do...what to do....

1. sell my Type O blood with only a few active platelets
2. Sell my hair....too short
3. Sell my car...mileage over 100,000 and the air conditioning does not work
4. Sell my first born to the one would want him
5. Start a BP mom lemonade stand in front of the house.
6. Get my shovel out when it snows and knock on my neighbors' doors....I will charge $1000 per driveway
7. Teach extra classes for overload pay (this would not work since I pay them to work)
8. Have a bake sale in the lobby of campus and sell  Betty Crocker cupcakes for $50 a piece......12 for $600.00 (a bargain, right?)
9. Sell grades in class for $1500.00 per A. An A minus would be $!000.00 ideas stink. It is probably because I can not think in a philosophical manner. I need an inspiration....a sugar daddy or sugar win the have a wealthy, long lost relative recover from amnesia and leave me with their estate in Hawaii and their stock portfolio.....Oh well.....something will come to me....or not.

Until then, we will plug along and do our best.

Time for me to grade some papers....or play Soda Crush on my tablet.....


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