Thursday, July 7, 2011

I can see clearly....

Back from Kentucky~! It is such a beautiful state with the rolling hills, horse farms, and interesting people. Sadly, it is also one of the poorest rural regions in the country as the economy has impacted the residents' ability to earn a living and access health care. I have a few suggestions for the government, but no one has asked me. Once again, do I have to run everything?

As I dropped the big kid off at the field, I had a chance to explore the area and found the beauty to be quite memorable. As the game approached, I pointed the car in the right direction and sat on my chair with my lucky sneakers on, ready for an interesting game.

And so it was...NOT! The opposing team was not up for the challenge and were crushed by Buddy's team, 10-1. And the answer to your question "did he play?" is 'yes.' After 7 innings, the team had a commanding lead and he entered the game. He struck the first player out, gave up a playable hit, struck out the next two batters. During the second inning, he went hit-less and scoreless with one strike out. Then he was taken out of the game for the "closer." Game over...let's go home.

On the two hour road trip home, we chatted about the shift in his demeanor and goals. He is no longer upset about the lack of playing time since he is basically exhausted. He has nothing to prove to the coaches. His revised goal is to pitch 20 innings with an ERA of less than 3.00. Sadly, his one bad outing at midnight after a long road trip and rain delay, started his ERA at 60+, so it has been a battle to lower it, especially when the coaches refuse to give him a chance to play. This is particular puzzling because Sparky took him out of the game last week after giving up an opening walk and cursed him off. In contrast, during yesterday's game, I watched the starting pitcher give up 6 walks in the first two innings and he was allowed to stay in and battle. Interesting contradiction....dichotomy....hypocrisy...whatever you want to call it.

Now, the team is counting off the days until the end. Only a few local players are enjoying the competition and games. The rest, like Buddy, are looking forward to returning home, then back to college. The All Star break is next week. It will be the first one in years that Buddy will not play in, yet, no one really cares. We are heading east for the break and going to enjoy family, friends, and home cooking. Maybe I can get Buddy to wash the windows like he was supposed to before he left for the summer. I can place the rags, ammonia, and bucket where his laptop would be while he is sleeping. When he wakes up and does not see his precious communication device, he may come to the conclusion that I mean laptop or car keys until I can see the backyard from the family room. I don't ask for much (OK, really I do), but all I want him to do this summer is to wash the windows....after a summer living in Ohio trying to achieve his dream, it is my dream to be able to view the trees and deer that run through the yard without streaky dirt blocking my view. Bullpen mom is going to morph back into "Baby, it's good to be finish your chores..." Mom....Do you think that I was missed?

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