Thursday, July 14, 2011

What are you doing the rest of your life?

So happy to be home. In hindsight, I would move again to help my children achieve their goals and dreams, yet, while I am here, I cannot believe how happy I am. In other words, I really like my life! Family, friends, home, work, exercise, and activities make me a happy and content person. In Ohio, I tried to get a job at Starbucks. That was a bust...I did not even procure an interview. Imagine! Then I thought about volunteering at a food bank and walked in to offer my services, but the found out it was closed for the summer (I guess the impoverished don't eat between June through August). And so, to bide my time, I occasionally worked out, read a great deal, taught my online class, hung out with an awake son (2 hours/day max)and watched baseball games. I also acquired a taste for some of his music. Believe it or not, I know who Kesha and Ne-Yo are. I can also identify their songs and know a few rap lyrics. By the way, the mix with Katie Perry and Kanye is dope.

'Nuff of that....Let's chat about being a bullpen mom at this point in the season. It has been tough for the big kid to come to the realization that he has been relegated to the bullpen once again. He has always been the starter before he attended college and has had trouble adjusting to the role. However, I see lots of benefits to it as he has to compete at a very high level for playing time. Once he is in the game, he has to either strike the players out or cause them to hit pop ups or ground balls. This is quite a skill to develop and it takes time.

Granted, three of the pitchers on his team currently hit 96 miles per hour on their fast balls. This gives him something to work toward. This summer, he hit 90 and thought that was pretty great until his team mates hit 96 consistently. Here is another goal. Goal number one was to hit 90. Now he has to work toward 95-96 and throw it over the plate. I see lots of kids with big fast balls, but they cannot find the plate. To make it, he has to do both.

To do this, he needs to be in excellent physical shape. He needs to take care of his mind, body, and spirit and have a balanced life. Lots of good food, exercise, training, and rest will create harmony. There is not much time for anything else. This includes a job. Sadly, his job in Ohio did not work out, however, he has a few around the house to finish and may work as a mascot at an ice cream parlor when we return home for good. I wonder if the suit is a size XXL?

As his life evens out this summer, he needs to choose a major. What does he want to do with his life if baseball does not work out? What will get him up in the morning? Where are his passions? As I try to have a conversation about it, he pushes me off. "I am working on it..." he says. Great, work on it, but tell me or let's talk about your interests...."I got it..." Hmmm, glad that he has it....Where does that leave the rest of us? Well, dad is becoming very impatient about the major and gave him a year to figure it out Time is running out...time to choose.

I have a few suggestions, but it is not my life, so I sit back and watch as he "has it in his head." Tink used to say, "I am thinking about it in my head." This is a good place to think about your head. Excellent. Back to Buddy, here are my suggestions: journalism, broadcasting, sports business, or education. He would be a terrific coach or teacher. He has presence and would make a good broadcaster as he also loves sports. Based on his interests (baseball, baseball, baseball, and sleep), I am not sure which major he will choose. Maybe he can perform sleep studies for people who suffer from sleep apnea. There are so many other fields to choose from. I don't see him in medicine (please God, no). He could be a lawyer if he had the ambition.

OK, I am out of ideas. Fortunately, the school that he attends has over 600 majors. I guess this is why he is struggling to narrow it down. He has until August first to figure it out, per dad's ba baaaa...they will have THE talk...It will begin with "What are you going to do with your life..." I am not sure if hanging out in a bullpen will pay the bills, so this should be a very big conversation...memorable, perhaps. Since no one wants my opinion, I will sit quietly and listen. If there is an opening, I can raise my hand to speak. If called upon, I will offer my two cents. If not, I will watch, listen, and enjoy the show.

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