Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We're home! Did anyone miss us?

We're home! Yesterday's drive was not bad for Buddy at all. After waking up and loading the car, he slid into the front seat and slept until we hit West Virginia. He loved it. My right foot is still in a flexed position. I'll need some physical therapy to work an extension out of it again. The trip took 8 1/2 hours and we stopped for 5 minutes to fill the gas tank. There was no way that we were going to stop until we made it to our ultimate destination.

Once he woke and became coherent and could carry on a conversation, we discussed our plans for the next few days which included a good pizza, soft, hot pretzel, a decent hoagie, home cooking, our own beds, and hanging out with Diva dog, family, and friends. Nothing else, just the simple pleasures that life has to offer. We're going to divide the week into phases and make sure that we accomplish our goals. He will go his way, and I will go mine. Once he washes the inside and outside of the car and completes a few chores, he is a free man....

Before he left, he made friends with Stinky, the pitching coach. According to Buddy, he is actually not a bad guy at all. He is stuck under the thumb of Sparky and basically has no power. Since he did not play college ball, he has no experience, so he is just a guy out there trying to figure it all out. As a friend once said to me, "everyone has a story..." and so does Stinky.

And so it goes...time for phase I of our home and Diva dog.

Have a good day.

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