Thursday, July 28, 2011

Throw the $^#$ out of the ball

Good Morning! I have two days to go in Ohio with the big kid and will miss our time together. He has been a great companion and I have come to know him in a different manner. It's true, he's still a teenager with those teenage tendencies....towels on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, loud blaring music as he drives the car, texts too much, on the computer too much, moody, funny, intelligent, considerate, selfish, and so on. We have so much in common ;-)

Last night we drove to the Bicycle Capital of the Midwest and once again, we looked for a bicycle factory or kids on bikes. Did I see them? Actually, I only saw 1 boy on a bicycle. Now I am wondering how this little town earned this distinction. If it only takes one bicyclist, then my neighborhood is the Bicycle Capital of the World! Although, I must confess, the kids are not on bikes. They have these electric cars in which they hop in and drive to each others homes to play which are roughly 100 feet from each other. The family down the street has three mini cars. The boys usually hop into the police car or the mini Range Rover and cruise to the cul de sac. The daughter has a pink Barbie corvette and she drives her wheels around the driveway. When we drive to our house, we not only have to watch for big cars and running kids in the street, but crazy children in their miniature electric cars. Perhaps they need little road signs and should abide by the rules of the road, too. Tink could share with them some of the questions that are on the driver's test since she recently earned her driver's license. Once they pass the test, they can be given a tiny driver's license with their photo on it in case they are carded in a liquor store. Such a visual of life at home; I guess I am ready to leave Ohio.

Let's finish chatting about last night's game. Once again, poor Buddy collected dust in the bullpen. At this point, he needs lemon scented Pledge or End-Dust to remove the one inch layer that has accumulated on his cap. His fall from grace based on one bad outing is remarkable. I have never seen anything like it and hope never to see it again. As I walked to the car after the game, I thought about Notre Dame's Rudy and how the players finally insisted that he enter the last game of his career for at least one play. Then the whole stadium cheered and Rudy was portrayed in a movie. I don't think that this will happen to Buddy, 'cause unlike Rudy, he is tall and athletic and will make it without the players throwing a work stoppage. Yet, we scratch our heads and keep moving forward. Getting angry or upset is a waste of energy and puts a person in a bad emotional place. We look at the summer as a great learning experience and leave it at that...nothing more...nothing less.

After his work out yesterday with Coach R, the living legend, his mentor Big T called in a panic. "What are you doing? Why are you doing it?" Buddy had texted T to tell him about Coach R and asked his opinion and T responded immediately. Finally, Buddy unloaded his frustrations to T while I could hear some expletives in the background. T wanted to know what Coach R was working on from a mechanical perspective. He was concerned that the coach would dramatically alter his pitching form. When Buddy assured him that he did not and was teaching him a pick off move and follow through, T once again invited him to Kentucky to work out at his minor league facility. I could tell that T was concerned and very angry at Sparky and Stinky. Then T said something important to Buddy: "Which coach has played in the major leagues?" Buddy replied: "None." Then don't listen to them! T then advised him: "Throw the living *%^$$ out of the ball and your body will fix the problem itself...." And so, last night Buddy pitched in the bullpen and threw his best stuff all season. Here is BP mom's equation: Coaching + Practice + Skill=a %#$&& great pitcher!

And so, Buddy and dad wants to travel to see T in Kentucky on Saturday and be treated to a real minor league experience. After pitching at the stadium, they will get the official tour, hang out with the team, watch batting practice, and the game. I am glad that father and son can have this experience together. If it means that dad has to leave from home at 2 am to get Buddy to Ky by noon, he'll do it. Now that is dedication!

With dad coming to town, I am leaving to join Tink and Diva dog at home. On Saturday morning around 6 am, I will point the car east for one last time and head home where the grass is burned out, flowers are wilted or dead, air is hot and humid, and life could not be better. Have a great day!

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