Friday, July 8, 2011

Thunder, lightening, and a scuffle: A great night at the ball park

Good morning! Storms rolled through last night in more than one way. It thundered loudly and lightening struck throughout the region and at the ball park....more about that later...

I decided since Buddy was not going to play, I had the opportunity to sit and complete some work without interruption. He took the car and I had a number of projects that needed attention. It was hot and I was focused on my work when an exuberant bullpen pitcher burst into the room. The smile was so big that I had to look twice to see if it was my mostly sullen kid.....It seems that the game took on a gangsta' tone as the starting pitcher, The Stud was striking players out on command. He is a local kid and has the reputation of being difficult and not a team player. Yet, according to Buddy, this is not true. He is a great guy and super team mate, so he did not know how he earned this reputation.

Back to the game, Stud was on fire as they played the number one team in the region who generally dominates all teams. Yet, Stud was the man on the mound and did not leave any prisoners. As the game was moving along, both teams were yapping at one another cussin' and swearin' and frankly using words that I have never heard in church. Toward the end of the game, Stud walked to the dugout and the third base coach accidentally on purpose bumped into his shoulder....hmmm....nonverbal communication suggesting...let's rumble...
Stud was replaced by the closer, Mr. Domination who proceeded to strike out all three batters that he faced with a 96 mph fast over...rumble beginning as Mr D lifted his shirt up to demonstrate his flawless play....the other team DID NOT like this and the teams began to scuffle and continue the war of words....

My son, not wanting to miss the action, yet not someone who likes conflict stood back a bit and used his fresh mouth to fight rather than his fists (heaven forbid that he breaks that hand....). His bullpen friend pretended to hold him back as he verbally continued the assault...then an opposing player asked him if he wanted to go at it....Ooops...ah no's just a stupid game, get over it. The peacemaker emerged and he backed off. Scuffle ended with Sparky yelling expletives at the other coach and players (again, he displays his leadership talents). No one was injured. No punches were actually thrown, but now the team has a great story and the war has united them more than the coaches could ever had without the melee.

My only question had been "Were any young kids watching the fight?" His response was "What do you think?" OY! I am sure that this moment in team history will live on in these young impressionable minds for a long, long time. I can picture my kid standing on the outside of the fight circle encouraging his team mates as he buzzes around the conflict...participating but not participating....not wanting to be hit nor hit anyone.....just having a good time doing what is perceived as "guy stuff".

By the way, The Stud, who is reputedly not considered a team player was in the middle of the fracas protecting his team mates. What does this tell you about reputations?

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