Monday, July 25, 2011

Last week of summer baseball

Last night's game was postponed due to the thunder and lightening. The players were thrilled especially since they were up all night traveling from a double header loss. In the old days (a few months ago) Buddy would have screamed: "Why God why? Why me?" "Why does it have to rain?" Those days of questioning God and Mother Nature are gone....long gone...

This is the last week of the regular season. The play offs begin on August 1. The team has to win 2 out of 8 games in the next 6 days to qualify. I hope that they do, I cannot imagine watching a week's worth of games where they lose every game. Not only would it kill the coach, all members of his staff and Mr. Steinbrenner, but a pitcher would have to take the loss. I don't want this to happen to any of the kids. Ideally, they can make the play offs and lose in the first or second round. This would make it a competitive season.

The team's spirit and competitive natures have been altered by the coaches. The players want to leave...go home...go on vacation....get out of Dodge....hit the dusty trail....jump into the minivan, turn the key, and never look back. What does that say about a bunch of guys who could not wait until the summer began? On a positive note, they bonded despite the coaches interventions. They plan on playing again next year, but not on this team. The coaches are going to have to recruit a new group of guys to play in 2012.

With that said, we are going back to Kentucky for a 5:30 pm game. Since KY is one of my favorite locations in the league, I will be going too. The beauty of the landscape and friendly people are part of the draw to this region. I hope that Buddy is going to be on the mound, but one never knows with this guy. So, I will bring my lawn chair, water, lucky sneakers, and book to pass the time.

Since it is the last week of the summer season, it is time to think about closing the apartment and heading home. We intentionally did not move a great deal of personal items here in order to make a quick departure. In hindsight, it was a very good decision. Everything except the furniture, television, and plates can be thrown into one of Buddy's luggage pieces: the Hefty bag. I plan on loading up the car on Saturday and will drive home alone. Dad is coming on Saturday afternoon to wait out the play offs and have a final conversation with Sparky and Mr. Steinbrenner. This should be good. Wish I could be there...Not! I will probably be able to hear the "discussion" from the turnpike since it might be a bit 'heated'.

With that said, I will actually miss this little place and the simplicity of our lifestyle. Yes, you read correctly...I had the big change in attitude the other day. It's a little late, but I am glad that I had it. I believe that the big kid enjoyed having me around as it meant that there was food in the cabinets and clean clothes and towels as well as companionship. I can do this one last time for him. We joked over the weekend that he was home for 12 days since Christmas. In a way, he does not have a real address. He will be leaving for college on August 20 until Thanksgiving, so his address is actually his cell phone.

I will miss our time together but now see a new, more mature relationship between mother and son. I see him more as a person who is struggling to find his way in the world and achieve his goals. There are promises and glimmers of a more mature attitude and personal growth. Conversely, at times, I also witness a total disregard of manners, cleanliness, and respect....but he is only 19 years old. He has more time to finish developing into the man that he is going to become. With that said, my work as a caregiver is probably over. He is almost ready to be launched into the world. He knows our values and personal rules. He can take what he wants from the relationship and develop it into his principles and personal philosophy of life. Again, I will be on the side lines or in the bleachers watching him become a man with my lucky sneakers on and probably munching on a bag of Skittles.

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