Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Good morning! As I was drinking the perfunctory coffee, thousands of black birds descended upon my house and backyard. It was reminiscent of the movie "The Birds," but we were safe in the house and not locked in a glass phone booth. Diva Dog was not pleased that our feathered friends were on her turf without her permission. Needless to say, it has been a noisy morning! The birds were not angry or attacking like the Hitchcock movie, they were looking for some food and perhaps a worm or two or three...yum. In some cultures, the worm is a delicacy. In the past, I turned down a plate of ants that were seasoned and sauteed, so I think that I can safely cross the worm sandwich off my list too.

I am avoiding the usual college baseball update for a number of reasons, largely to to the three phone calls that I received last night from one cranky left hander. I do believe that if I hear that 'life is unfair' one more time, my head will explode into a million tiny pieces of gray matter. My office will be littered with cranial debris and impossible to clean.

He was peeved because he has a test, paper, and project due this week and he had a tutoring appointment at 8:30 pm which interfered with his nightly X-Box game with Angel. Actually, he didn't say that, but I pretty much figured it out on my own before the head exploded.

Therefore, I will write this one more time....this is college. College is considered higher education, a level above high school and two levels before your doctorate. A person needs a college degree in order to make it in our society. If he wants manual labor in which he does not need a degree, so be it. Laborers make our country what it is and serves as the foundation. However, he would much prefer a job in which he calls the shots. This won't happen after college unless he owns a business. In that case, he will never ever play X-box again, because business owners must work to earn a pay check (check with dad and see how many times he has played X-box or even knows what one is).

Why do I write in a tirade format? Well, it seems that someone wants something without working for it. He does not want to stretch (beyond his left arm) to see what he is academically capable of accomplishing. Guess what? No one really enjoys work over play (unless you are Buddy's dad....). However, we do it to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths. When he called last night at 8:30pm, guess where I was? That's right...working and trying to catch up with my projects. Guess where dad was? Yep, he was working too. He arrived home at 10:30 pm and left this morning at 8 am after using all of the shampoo (I'll live).

With that said, once the projects and tests are over, he can relax again and enjoy some free time. Yes, free time is important and regenerates the brain, so I do not minimize its importance. I just want someone to come to the realization that school is not easy....and life is actually quite fair. By working hard, a person can accomplish their goals whether they are athletic, academic, or personal. Creating a work ethic will help to alleviate the crankiness associated with going the extra mile. Besides, if he does not take that extra mile, he will not be eligible in the spring. Everything works together for, get over it!

And so, I share a bit of BP mom wisdom with someone who has heard it and forgotten or does not want to acknowledge the conversations. However, the bits and pieces that he has heard and embraced has caused me to be one happy person. All in all, that is what he is...a good person who is stressed right now and needs a bit of a break. When a person works hard, he or she has to play hard for balance and harmony....whether it is baseball, tennis, running, knitting, or X-box; somehow, we need that down time so that we can be ready for stressful times. And so, I am off the computer to exercise.....
Have a great day!

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