Monday, November 28, 2011

Things that I know....things that I don't know

Greetings! it has been a while since the last post for a number of Thanksgiving related reasons. First, we drove to the south for a family Thanksgiving that had us in the car for 20+ hours both ways (oy!). Second, Chill and Hunter decided to marry in the Southern Belle and Pop's home. Therefore, there were other things to consider instead of the blog, but now I am caffeinated and ready to here we go!

The week off was very nice as we were able to reconnect as a family. From the wedding to Thanksgiving dinner to a happy hour, we enjoyed each others company and made plans to get together at one of Buddy's North Carolina games. Now, that is nice!

As I spent more time with the big leftie, I discovered a number of things that I have waited to understand for a number of months. On the trip to the south, he slept more that any one in the car and perhaps more than anyone that I know. As a baby, he would take such long naps, that I had to wake him up so that he would not be going to bed at midnight, so really, nothing has changed. Since he was "sleeping" I was unable to probe him for the answers to his college academic status. He had his head phones, neck pillow, and he slept for literally 19 hours. When he was awake, he was non communicative. He did post the ride on his Facebook page as he said that he was in "misery". Hmmmm....sleeping...eating snacks....someone else driving...he was in misery?

After dinner on Thanksgiving, he was so tired that he took a nap. Afterwards, he was wide awake and we decided to do something that I swore that I would never do...go to the outlets at 10 pm to shop. It was a spontaneous decision as we drove 25 minutes in the dark of the night. Suddenly, he opened up about life. Perhaps it was his anticipation of exchanging information for Nike gear at the outlet. If this was the case, then I would do it...pick out some talk!

According to the big leftie, he is looking forward to living in the house next year with Dog, California, OC, and Swing (a member of the golf team). The current living situation has stabilized although LW has asked for unlimited "sofa privileges" and an open door policy for next year. He was also asked by LW if he could be a room mate. Buddy actually came up with a great response: "No, we are better friends if we do not live together..." LW accepted it. Then it came out that LW was very very angry that I called his mother after the faux suicide attempt. Buddy was not taking the bait to fight and said that he needed help from a health professional when he found the note. It was either call his mother or the police...choose....

Moving on...he sort of has a friend who is a girl...but not really...they are in the 'getting to know you' phase. No other information was offered.

No major has been chosen. Courses for next semester have not been selected, but "I got it covered..."

He gained four pounds while he was home. I think that I did too. I don't cook such large meals when he is away, so we all packed on a few pounds. There is now a new legend in the family. Once his dad drank six containers of chocolate milk then threw up. Well, Buddy out did his dad by eating an entire pecan pie with cool whip and ice cream. There you have it....four pounds. I was actually happy that he ate the pie, 'cause it kept me from having a piece. I guess he "took one for the team..." With great appreciation on my end (or should I say, my rear end?).

Things that I don't know:

1. I don't know his major
2. I do not know how much the house is going to cost in rent next year
3. I do not know which courses he is taking next semester
4. I do not know what his grades are
5. I don't know why he does not want to talk about his major selection.....except for basket-weaving, all dad wants is a skill....beyond a slider and curve ball.

He called this morning to tell me that his arm does not hurt...which means that the physical therapy has worked. He promised to call later with his course selections. You see, dad drove him back to campus and had "The Talk" with him. I doubt if he said that he was going to cut him off if he did not get his act together, but apparently it made an impact. So, I will wait to see the results of the discussion.

And there you have it...things that I know....things that I don't know (the list is longer).

I wish Chill and Hunter the best that life has to offer.....

By the way: Buddy took the old Walmart $5 fake tree that I had in the basement and put it up in the apartment. He sent a photo of the tree to me which is situated adjacent to their Katie Perry poster. Next to the tree sits Irene. She too is decorated with lights.....having fun in college...that is what it is all about AFTER you pick a major

Enjoy the day!

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