Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meeting Irene

Saturday: It's the day after we picked Buddy up at college and brought him home. Since he did not have a functional phone, Tink and I had to go and knock on his apartment door. I really did not want to do this...really...I know what his room and closet look like at home and I was not in the mood to see that his domestic skills were also limited at his winter residence too. Lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised by the state of the common area. It needed a good vacuuming but was on a whole...'not bad'.....There was a bit of an odor that I attributed to running shoes but did not say anything since he and Angel had cleaned the place in anticipation of us stopping by. While there, I met the group's inflatable doll dressed in a baseball uniform. Her name is Irene. After exchanging pleasantries with Irene, I wished her a Happy Thanksgiving and we were on our way. He looked healthy and was happy to see us. After strategically placing his laundry bag into the trunk, we were on our way.

Unbeknownst to Buddy, we planned on stopping to see his future house that he is going to share with three other guys. Set four blocks from the campus and two blocks from the bus stop, we slowed the car down to take a peak. Since the big kid was not pleased that we were snooping around the place, we kept the visit short. Ok, here is my take on it: it's not bad. It is a four bedroom brick house with a backyard and a porch. Buddy plans on sitting on the porch and hanging out. Apparently the porch was the big draw as well as the proximity to campus. Of note, we have had patios and decks off the house for years. He has never sat out on them just to chill. He has walked across them but never just sat there to think or read. This is a new Buddy...I think...One who likes to sit outside and read. ?Huh? Naw...Although maybe he just wants to sit there, watch the people go by, and whittle while Dog plays his guitar and they sing country music together about the girls who did them wrong....

By the way, once the four guys break up at the end of the year, who gets custody of Irene?

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