Tuesday, November 29, 2011

La Vida Loca

Good Morning.....here is another quick post since I have a boatload of work sitting in front of me. Did we have Thanksgiving yet?

OK, finally dad's demands clicked and the big kid listened. I got my phone call finally telling me the major of choice....are you ready....19 years in the making...lots of frozen stares...a plethora of "I got it covered" statements...multiple "I am thinking about it".....now it is here....the moment that we have been waiting for....I will not hold it to myself any longer...the major of choice is (drum roll please....USC marching band....Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Hallelujah Chorus)

Journalism with a Business minor!!! What does this mean? Well, I am pretty confident this means 5 years in college rather than four (don't tell dad who already set a four year limit). Here is Buddy's rationale (and it had better be good after the lame paper that he recently sent me...'cause if that is the way that he writes, he will be living in my basement ad infinitum): "I can write when I want to..." OK, genius, so why haven't you wanted to until this point?

Journalism...very cool...as you have probably guessed, his momma loves to write....so, I am very happy with this choice. He can also do the following jobs: blog, sports writer, marketing, and work in the front office of any baseball team. With journalistic skills, he can write books and for magazines such as Sports Illustrated. Furthermore, he can work as a broadcaster which I have always said that he has the voice for radio with his quick wit and a face for television since he has the perfect hair. If he wants to work for a baseball team, he will have the business background which pleases dad.

Come to think about it, once again, the kid is showing that he is a hybrid of his father and mother. Business for dad....writing for mom....hmmm...as I consider this....is he playing us? Is he trying to please both us rather than himself? Or is he taking the easy way out because this is what he has witnessed over the years? Once again, I don't have the answers, so I will sit back and watch and read...and pay an extra year of tuition....

As Ricky Martin sings...it's "La Vida Loca!".....

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