Saturday, November 19, 2011

Phone-less again

Friday: Good Morning! It's a very special day since my little boy is coming home for the week. This afternoon dad, Tink, Diva Dog and I are going to pick the big kid up. Naturally, there will be drama as it began last night with the every other month conversation that begins with: "My cell phone is not working...what should I do...?"

Here is my question: "Why is he the only kid on the face of the planet with three new cell phones per year?" How and why does this happen? What is he doing? Keep in mind that he discovered that cell phones do not work in the rain. I am glad that he shared that one with me. I will keep the phone in my pocket during the next down pour.

Other explanations for his need for a new phone include:
1. "A drunk kid knocked the phone out of my hand at a party and it broke into a million pieces..."
2. "My cell phone's battery no longer charges..."
3. "I think that I left my cell phone in Iowa..."
4. "My cell phone keeps dying while I am talking to you..."
5. "Someone stole my cell phone..."

And so the cell phone saga continues as he called dad last night to complain once again guessed it! His cell phone! He used Angel's phone for this phone call about his phone (a bit redundant) at least he has access to the rest of the world. By the way, he must be dying without his ability to send his hundreds of texts each day. Got to go....

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