Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hidden Treasures

Good morning! I am happy to be typing again. Life has been hectic with all kinds of work and family related events that have been distracting and fun at the same time. We gathered together last week to fight against lung cancer in honor of BIG M. Approximately 50+ family and friends were active in fund raising by participating in a sponsored walk and 5K run. After working hard to raise donations, it's only fair that we have a party afterwards...right?

The second gathering was to support adults living with autism. AALIVE (Adults with Autism Living with Independence, Value and Esteem) sponsored a beef-beer style of fund raiser that generated funds to support people living with autism. The PC term is 'people with autism' rather than 'autistic people'. AALIVE sponsors and funds a multitude of events for individuals who are in need. There are trips to the ball park, fishing and crabbing, and ice shows that are funded by this organization. The amount of good that this grass roots group of individuals does within this community is humbling and admirable.

As Thanksgiving nears, the college kids who are organized have rides home for the holiday. Where does that leave Buddy? I am sure that he is under the assumption that we will drop everything to make the drive to the mountains to pick him up and then drop him off again. I am so happy that he is going to be home for a week. He will drop his clothes off in the laundry room, text the posse, take a nap, roll out of bed, and grab the car keys from Tink. After a scuffle, his size alone means that he will win the war and be able to take the car on his journey. Tink on the other hand will be standing in the kitchen wondering what happened to her wheels. Yes, it will be good to have him home. Dad has a list of chores that he will ignore and I will probably land up doing such as the fall clean up outside while I am stringing lights onto the bushes for Christmas. The big kid has it all figured out.

Yet, there will be the usual complaints: "I have no money....I am tired...There is no gas in the car....why do I have to eat dinner at home?....why is there no food in the house?....I have to make my bed?...when did you find the cigar wrapper in my sock drawer?"

When indeed? OK, here is how it once again went down...I needed a long pair of thick socks to wear to the lung cancer walk since it was soooo cold. Naturally, I went to his sock drawer since the baseball socks can cover almost my entire leg. As I rummaged around a bit, I grabbed a sock that crackled. Knowing that cotton does not make noise when squeezed, I investigated the suspicious sock like CSI or Castle would. Lo and behold...a cigar wrapper was stashed in the sock. Yuk. A cigar? Really? Come on dude....a your mouth...nicotine....yellow, decaying teeth? Yum...

So, there you have it...contraband found in yet another sock. He really should find another place to store these things. Now that I have all of the clues, I can safely say that this kid is the worst at trying to be bad. It is like he is asking to be found out OR he is too lazy to hide the evidence! Years ago my dentist told me that he found condoms behind the electrical outlet wall plates. Now, that is sneaky! I have not had any suspicion to look there although I had one moment when I thought the contrary. I went into his room to check for old clothes for the homeless in his closet. There was a pile of clothes on the closet floor that I began to delve into and I pulled out a woman's brassiere, Yes, my mind went numb and I slowly took deep breaths. As I thought of a multitude of scenarios, I realized that the bra was Tink's and she threw her clothes into his closet so that I would not be harping on her to pick them up off her bedroom floor. Very sneaky...although my heart did stop for a moment when I wondered why this particular pink bra was on the floor of my son's closet. was his sister's... and... yuk! it was his sister's. If he knew that she was storing her clothes in his bedroom, he would not be pleased. Yes, this can be an odd household!

In conclusion, I will try to be more faithful to this blog. It has been an emotional week for a number of reasons that caused me to think about other issues. One day, I may write about them but until then, let's just say that it got very ugly in our region. But life goes one....yet on a positive note, Little A (my sweet little niece) scored the winning goal and led her soccer team to victory. Now, that's what I am talking about....

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