Thursday, November 3, 2011

Square roots and shoulder pain

Good Morning! It's a beautiful day in the northeast and since it is my loooong day, I will keep this one relatively short.

Today, the Big leftie has a math test. He is going to fly solo on this one since he could not be bothered with a tutor. Dad and I are suspicious with this new found mathematical independence and quizzed him on it yesterday when we discovered the news. You see, the BP mom family (except for dad)are mathematically-challenged. We understand our strengths and weaknesses and addition, subtraction, multiplication, algebra, and trigonometry are definitely not strengths. Isn't that why God invented calculators? OK, big guy...let's see a strike out on this test....

As far as the shoulder is concerned, I am concerned. He met with a doctor yesterday who diagnosed the problem as tendonitis and calcium deposits. As a person who has had bouts of tendonitis, it does not go away like a cold. Tendonitis is insidious and lingers well past its welcomed stage. It is the house guest that would not leave. You sit on the sofa yawning at midnight and tendonitis stays there chatting about how it wrecked the lives of numerous ball players and moms who try to stay healthy and in shape. I am not a fan of tendonitis but it is treatable and if the kid has to have it, during the off season is the best time of the year.

With that said, there are a number of ways to treat it. The coach mentioned that he has had it for years and gave him some exercises. The doctor suggested a number of remedies from rest to possible arthroscopic surgery to remove the calcium. Before anyone approaches my kid with a knife, I want the following: an XRAY, MRI,traditional therapies, physical therapy, massage, rest, ice, and motrin. Oh about a second opinion? Whereas it is true that these doctors see many athletes and work to get them back on the field, I worry about their motives and whether they will send him back out too soon. After two team mates had the "Tommy John" surgery last year, it can be suggested that perhaps they are too eager to get the kids back out into play before they are ready. Therefore, Buddy's uncle the orthopedic surgeon will be conferring with the team doctor and nothing will be done unless he understands and approves it. You see, Uncle G has the kid's best interest at heart and not the team's needs. I am not anti-team medical team...just wary....and a mom....

And so, the off season continues with the focus on rehab and books. Have a great day!

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