Sunday, May 29, 2011

a bit more....

I was in a rush this morning and had time to post just a short note about the final play off game. However, there is so much more to share. I don't know where to begin. Today was our official first day home as a complete family. I politely requested that we go to mass together, then everyone could split and go their own way. Despite a few grumbles, we made it to the 7:30 am. At this early time, my day was made....thank you to my children for spending time with me at such an early hour.

So, it is Sunday and everyone has their own plans. Dad wanted to work, run errands and clean his oh-so-dirty car. Buddy was pumped up because his coach and mentor was finally called up to the big leagues last night. When he awoke this morning, he had a text sharing the good news. His coach is now a 29 year old rookie. Best wishes, kiddo....keep it hanging curve balls over the plate....Tink....well, she did not have any real plans except to follow me around during the day and finish her laundry. Speaking of laundry, Buddy's clothes and equipment did not make it into the house. I sent him to the laundromat with his piles of dust, dirt, and clothes reminiscent of Charlie Brown's friend Pigpen who walked around with a cloud of dust surrounding him. The clean clothes are now in a big Hefty bag in the car waiting for the trip to Ohio on Wednesday.

On to the Ohio news....after the conference tournament abruptly ended on Thursday, we drove to where Buddy's summer league team is going to play. The location of the stadium (and I use this term very loosely...let's call it a baseball diamond with a fence around it) is really in the middle of a 'depressed' region. What I mean by depressed is that there are lots of abandoned factories, railroad tracks, and emptied and boarded homes. Five miles in any direction will take a person to a more vibrant area. From what I understand, several business men started this team two years ago to help to revitalize the region.

Right away, we knew that we would search for housing at least five miles from the stadium. There was nothing closer that I would feel comfortable living in. And then we started....going from apartment building to apartment building to Realtor to online Craigslist...oh yes, there are apartments but they can only be leased for one year OR they are not furnished OR unavailable for us to move into in less than one week. One woman who worked at the desk rolled her eyes and looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned that we needed a furnished apartment ready for move in today. I became a bit defensive and pointed to dad...."I delegated to him and look where it got me...." She looked me in the eye, slowly tilted her head and gave me a little smile as if to say "I got one of those at home too..." We immediately bonded. Sisters...I could feel it.....It was at this point that I became desperate. The apartments that we were looking at had police to patrol on a regular basis (found this information out by checking the details online), so I wanted it. "Sorry...we cannot accommodate you until June 11th..." I shook my head and became very assertive: "Not good enough, cookie. Look (I wagged my finger), I will give you $200 in cash to move it does that sound?" Where did I get the number 200? I don't know, it sounded like a great deal of money, but I was desperate after living in a variety of hotels over the past few months, I was NOT going to spend two months in one unless it was a Ritz Carlton and given my location, there wasn't one within a 1000 miles. She laughed and told me that there was no way that it could be done AND the apartments are not furnished. Fine, fine, fine....I took it and signed the lease. Dad and Tink looked comically at me with either a new respect or with the understanding that I would have to be committed to a mental facility at some point very soon.

There you have it...we have the is not ready until June 11th. We are arriving in Ohio on June 1st.... there is no blankets, beds, table, chairs, dishes, or coffee pot! I have to run to either a thrift store or Ikea when we arrive and coordinate the arrival of the furniture to be delivered when we have access to the apartment. Until then, we will live in a hotel and have sandwiches or yogurt for dinner....I must be crazy.... How has my life turned into this? I am a very organized person. I do not like ambiguity. I like knowing where I am going to sleep and what I am going to make for dinner. I enjoy a Merlot every now and then and do not like living out of a suitcase.....but.....

I will do anything for the kids (short of camping...been there...done the merit badge). Buddy and Tink have been the fuel in my tank. I would walk to the North Pole in my bare feet to pick up Christmas gifts if Santa couldn't make it. I would even live in a remote part of Ohio if I had there you have makes the world go round and it got me to where I am the Dollar General picking up plates, napkins, mugs, pots, and pans. We can do this...I know that we can. it will be nice....I know it. It might not be home, but home is where your heart is. It's a very corny expression, but oh so accurate....

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