Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An invitation or two

Fun times yesterday! It was a great day to take Grandmom and Grandpop to their first game. With beautiful weather, lunch in a bar, and some drunken students, they got a glimmer of the college life. Grandpop even caught a shirt thrown into the stands during the tee shirt throwing contest.

The team won, which is always a good thing. Sadly, Buddy did not play and sat in his bullpen with the guys and the inebriated spectators in the stands. According to the big kid, they enjoyed the drunken banter from the crowd so much, they wrote on a baseball, threw it into the stands, and invited them to the weekend's games so that they can harass the conference right fielder, too. I am not sure that Martha Stewart would approve of the invitation that they used, yet I think that it was pretty creative! Back to the drunken fans...they used their Smartphones to look up information about the opposing players and would scream out to them. For example, the right fielder was a biology major. The crowd asked him for the difference between mitosis and miosis. I wonder if Jayson Werth put up with guys like this? Another player was from Canada. When he struck out, they would scream "USA, USA"....It added some levity to an otherwise quiet game. By the way, the crowd invited the bullpen guys to go on a 'pub crawl' with them. However, if you invite a ball player anywhere, you are going to have to treat them since none of them can work due to the schedule....

Afterward, we picked Buddy up and took him to a food court for dinner. He was proud of the wad of cash that he received from the team to pay for meals this week. It may seem like a great deal of money, but it is not enough to adequately feed them unless they buy the $5.00 subs at Subway and live off of them. When he picked up his food, he got into line after me. I asked him if he was paying or if I was.....he gave me that killer grin and I knew that (once again), money was going to fly out of my pocket. Actually, his 14 inch sub/hoagie was not enough to fill him, but it cut his hunger pains until I was safely out of town with enough money left to pay for gas.

Today, the team travels to the western part of the state to play a team that they barely beat earlier this year. I will be listening intently on the computer to hear if Buddy enters the game. The game starts at 7pm and I will be in the living room, with a Merlot and empty wallet safe in my hands.

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