Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fatigue has set in....

Tomorrow we are going to travel and pick up Buddy's dorm room contents. The season is not over yet, but the freshman are being kicked out of the dorms to prepare for the summer session. This means that he needs temporary housing until the end of the month. Since there are no dorm rooms available, he plans on sleeping on the floor of a team mates' apartment on an air mattress (supplied by Grandmom). This sounds like a great plan, right?

Actually, it sounds complicated to me. In college, I did sleep on a few floors, but not for a prolonged period of time. There are all kinds of things on the floor, like critters, bugs, and more critters. Got to want to live this way. Perhaps he will make friends with the ants.

Today he reports that he is exhausted. I believe it. With travel, practices, and finals, I don't know how they are able to balance things. Oh wait, they can't....there have been some arguments and snide remarks among the ranks. In fact, there was a big blow up last night and two of the team mates are currently not speaking to one another....My impression is that they are to the point where they can barely stand up. Some are pulling "all-nighters" and others are stressed about finals.

Two days ago, Buddy was 24 hours early for one of his final exams. He wrote down the wrong date and time. At least he was early and not late. I have done that a number of times. Once I showed up for a meeting and boldly announced to the office: "Let is be on the record that I am 5 minutes early for this meeting." The secretary looked at me and said even louder: "Let it be on the record that you are 1 week and 5 minutes early for your meeting....!" OY! And so it goes, we all make mistakes. In my case, I make more than my share. It's all part of this stupid multi-tasking, I can do-it-all attitude that pervades our society. It's a sinister thing. We don't know that we are trying to do too much and then discover that as we try to do quantity, the quality suffers. Perhaps I can blame this on modern technology....we have communication overload and can be in touch with colleagues, family, and friends instantaneously. It pulls our attention away from what we are doing. People have easy access to us, therefore, it is difficult trying to block out the stimulation and focus on what has to be done. So, we are interrupted, drop what we are doing, then go on to something else without finishing the original project.

With that said, I have to end this post and work on something that I have been avoiding for quite some time. No more interruptions....back to work....

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