Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Refrigerator boxes and summer accomodations

Hi! I did not post yesterday for a number of reasons, the primary one was work-related....sometimes work takes precedence over anything else. Got to pay the bills, right?

Tomorrow we take the big trip to Ohio for the championships. I have been given "orders" (actually suggestions...any 'order' would end in divorce court...youknowhwtaiamtalkingabout?)....cooler stocked with waters, sandwiches, snacks, apples, and skittles (Tink's request). My only desire is a grande Starbucks coffee (preferably bold). On the 8 hour drive, I will be calling apartments trying to find one furnished for next week. Why have I waited this long? Actually, I was not the procrastinator. This one had been delegated to Buddy and his dad. I sat back and watched this one unfold into the mess that it has become. Buddy is moving to his summer residence next Wednesday. Yep, do the math....eight days from now. Tink has suggested that he brings a big refrigerator box poked with little holes so he can breathe. I have recommended a camper that he can leave at the ball park. However, dad has it all "under control".

With that said, the trip should be eventful. As I look for residence and watch the games, I will be reflecting on how we got to this point. If someone had said that Buddy would be living out of a box this summer, I would have laughed...yet....who knows....as long as he has his cleats and glove, what else does he need? He can shower at the ballpark.

The first game of double elimination begins tomorrow afternoon and will be televised. Will Buddy enter the game? I doubt it unless it goes into extra innings. This is the life of a bullpen player. The starter in big games goes as long as possible, then one by one bullpen players are called out. As a freshman, I am not sure if he will get the call, yet stranger things happen, so I will have the camera ready.

Hopefully the hotel will have internet so I can post after the game. The parents are so excited. Emails have been flying around about accommodations and restaurants. Someone suggested that we bring a cowbell (that's a big 'no'). It looks like fun times and a big party as the season draws to a close. Am I closing the door on the season already? Don't I think that they will win the tournament? Hmmm....maybe....they are the lowest seed, so I have my doubts, yet miracles do happen. They could win and we could find a beautiful, cheap and furnished apartment ready for moving in next week....what do you think?

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