Friday, May 6, 2011

Mohawk Madness: All "Hawks" are Not Alike

What an interesting day....yesterday we traveled to campus to retrieve "Buddy's" dorm room contents. He is keeping just the essentials until the end of the season. With that said, while he went to baseball practice, Tink, dad, and I were able to enter his dorm and take what he accumulated over the academic year to the car. Based on what I saw along with the state of my sinuses, sneezing, itchiness, and dryness of my eyes, he accumulated a vast amount of dust and dirt. Everything (and I do mean everything) was coated in layers of filth. Every container and suitcase has this heavy coating of dust that even a case of End Dust could not break through. How he lived with this amount of filth is beyond me. Unless...just perhaps...he needs his eyes checked....that would explain it. Time to see the eye doctor. Perhaps he can then locate his curve ball over the plate and see when his living environment is dirty (just a thought). Everything was stacked neatly in the garage. He can take it to the laundromat when he returns home for a thorough cleaning before he brings it into the house. Does all of this mean that BP mom is a clean-freak? The answer is an unabashed and unapologetic "yes".

Yesterday, we had a 6 minute conversation outside of the ball park before the bus picked them up for the airport. The team was traveling to the Midwest today for another big series. They were only making one stop in Detroit before their final destination, so they were in their hotel before 10 pm. There will be a practice today and game tonight. He will have two more games on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's game will be broadcasted nationally. So, I will be close to the television with Merlot ready for action...."de-cork in case of an emergency..."

Ok, back to our "Buddy sighting"...he stood by the car and talked to us through the passenger window (a very close family moment...touching...). It was the first time that I got a first hand visual of the "Mohawk." far as Mohawks and hair cuts are concerned, it was not the nicest that I have ever seen, nor was it the ugliest. The hair style had some hair around it and the "hawk" was about 1/4" above the hair line. As the wind blew, his "hawk" blew to the left making it off center and looking pretty crooked. He does not have the "Mohawk" look down yet. But all of this is for team go for it.

During our 6 minutes, we saw some of the players enter the stadium and began to critique their hair styles. It seems that there are levels of Mohawaks.
Level 1: the center "hawk" is cropped close to the head...making a 'minimalist' statement of hawkiness....
Level 2: the "hawk" is longer than a 1/4" with the surrounding area shaved close to the head looking more like the traditional hair style. By the way, the longer the center hair, the more chance that the person wearing it is using hair gel to make the Mohawk-statement.
Level 3: the hair is barely cut on the head and the "hawk" is evident but not showy. This is obviously worn by a person who is new to the hair style and does not yet have the courage to cut the hair down all the way....I call this style the "nouveau-hawk."

With that said, every guy entering the stadium had the hair cut. This will be the team-look until Memorial Day. I tried to take a photo.....Actually, there is no need for a picture. This look stays with me like the first time that I saw him after his birth, first communion photo, and prom picture...I will always remember this one.

And so it goes....the end of the first year and the beginning of the end of the first baseball season. What a strange and fascinating road this has been for Buddy and his greatest fans. Now that classes are over, he can live the life he has dreamed of....playing non-stop baseball, hanging out with the guys, playing video games, eating, and sleeping....Life is good for Bullpen Mom's big kid...happy...happy...happy....

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