Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Wackiness

This weekend was a wild and wacky one. The southern grandparents flew into town ready to take in a few games. They are actually northern transplants. However, since they have lived below the Mason Dixon line for a number of years, I think that they have forgotten about our very cool spring weather especially in the mountains. Tink broke out one of the hand warmers and bought a blanket to wrap around our 'southern belle'....I think that they enjoyed the weekend, so that makes me a very happy bullpen daughter-in-law.

The team won two out of three games and are still in the hunt for the last play off spot. Next week's final series will determine whether they continue the season or pack their equipment bags and take the turnpike home. Before the game, the university had a number of baseball cards printed and the team spent time autographing them for a number of little league kids. Some of the kids wanted their arms signed by the players. I was told that it was pretty humorous. I missed it since I was late arriving from home.

Last night we attended the baseball banquet that honored the seniors. They were quiet and very humble. One or two looked like they were going to cry as they each gave a closing speech. A common theme uttered by each senior was gratitude to their parents for sticking by them and helping them throughout the years. I was touched by their sincerity and appreciation. It seems that Buddy was surrounded by a great group of guys.

Tomorrow is the last home game against my alma mater. The question is: do I wear my university gear or be loyal to Buddy's team? Would Derek Jeter's mother wear a Mets hat? I don't think so.

It's been a long season. Since the games started on President's weekend, they have played about 45 games. Buddy has not been home since Christmas and will probably be home only to see the eye doctor, primary doctor and dentist before he leaves for Ohio. As far as Ohio is concerned, he still does not have housing and may have to live out of his car...oopps...I nearly forgot...he doesn't have a car....precarious situation....what should the big kid do? It was his assignment to contact the team and coach about dorms, sublets or houses for rent....still has not done it and is due to arrive June 1....what does Bullpen mom do? Hmmmm.....

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