Saturday, May 21, 2011

The end of the world?

Hello. This weekend's series was to be the defining moment of a very long year. Would they sweep the last place team and demonstrate dominance? Or would they head for the coach bus and leave the stadium with a blown opportunity? So far, the answer is......


They won the first game on Thursday night. The hitting was missing, but the pitching was there. Tight game...but a "W". Last night, a 12 inning game, was a different story. The pitching was shaky at first, but the starter hung in there. What was missing was the ability to get timely hits and move the players who were on base to home plate. It was frustrating to listen to, I can only imagine how frustrated the players were....Leading me to say, that nothing is ever easy....if they are going to get the last play off spot, they will have to gut it out and score runs any way that they can.

Based on the number of bullpen players used in the first two games, Buddy will be in the line up today toward the end of the game. This will be a huge moment for the freshman southpaw, so I pray that his team gives him a big lead to work with. He has not been in a game in two weeks, so I am not sure if he is rusty, but since he was warming up last night, he seems ready to go.

So, here is where it stands, today's game will be broadcasted on national television. As a country waiting for the world to end (only kidding, I don't believe that it is today), we can all tune in to see how the big kid does. Based on one person's prediction, the world will end at 6 pm tonight. I am not sure if it is Pacific time or not, nonetheless, Buddy will probably be on the mound at 6....what a way to your front of a national audience....will he come through with a big strike out? Will the fielders be prepared behind him? Will the team be victorious and move toward the next level in baseball? Or will we all meet at the "Pearly gates" and finish the game in heaven?

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