Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't blink: A brief appearance

Last night's game with the team's cross state rival was pretty uneventful. Since the game was broadcasted over the internet, we sat at dinner and listened to it with hopeful anticipation that he would be called in to pitch. We were delighted when we heard that his number was called and he pitched the 8th inning.

So, here is how it went (if I remember correctly)....walk...pop up...walk...double play....out of inning...done...taken out for the closer to end the game. That was it. My calculation was that he was on the mound for roughly 4 1/2 minutes. He works quickly. Then it was over. I cannot imagine that as a player, I would be satisfied with a 5 minute (I added 30 seconds for the walk from the bullpen) appearance especially after an 8 hour round trip on the bus, warm-ups, and dinner at Quiznos...but this is the world of a bullpen player....wait, wait, wait, go...out.

So, it goes as the season slowly comes to an end. The last game will take place in 2 weeks then he is home for a day or two. After spending quality time with his family (not), he packs his bags, glove, baseball caps, and cleats and heads for Ohio to play in the collegiate league. I will be there with him for a while to get him settled in and to figure out how the league and team works. The life of a bullpen mom may change over the summer if he starts a game...then I will have to change my name to (perhaps) Starter mom....Actually, the first home game is Dollar Beer Night...that should be a hoot....I am really not sure what to expect as the beer flows in a region that I do not know with people that I have never met. I guess this is part of 'life is an adventure' speech that I have given the kids time after time....the adventure is about to begin.

With that said, there is a 3 game home stand over the weekend. Buddy and Tink's grandparents from the south are going to attend two of the games. Perhaps Pop will also win the "catch a tee shirt" contest like Grandpop did. Then both grandfathers can proudly wear their baseball tee shirts. Yet, it would be really really nice if Buddy would be handed the ball to pitch while they are watching in the stands. Then they would have the entire "Bullpen Grandparent" experience of waiting, waiting, waiting, throw a pitch or two...out....

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