Thursday, June 9, 2011

All this for a dollar?

Good has significantly slowed down. Now that the preseason and MLB draft are over, we are starting to work on buying things for the apartment such as lamps, end table, shower curtain and so on. I have spent much more than a dollar at the Dollar Stores. Whoever owns them is a genius. One day I took dad to the Dollar Store. As a business man he could not comprehend that everything is really a dollar. He had to see it for himself and now is hooked. It's true that most of the goods are junk....for a dollar, who cares? Also, we only need them for 2 months. If it breaks, I will go out and spend another dollar.

I have been challenged to furnish an apartment for less than $200 (this does not include the bed, tv or sofa). Therefore I have been invading all kinds of discount stores. The only item that will not be discount will be sheets. The 'lying on sandpaper' feeling from certain brands is not something that works for me....

Happily, we are able to enter the apartment Friday at 4:30p. Finally! Living in such close quarters has been challenging. I leave the room in the morning until noon and then get him out of bed so the maid can clean. After yesterday, I feel that she has given up on our room and threw up the white flag in surrender. She no longer makes his bed or straightens up. Perhaps, it is the odor of his sneakers that has knocked her unconscious or the mess of having our apartment contents in the room creating an obstacle course that have proven to be too much. At least my bed is made and we have fresh towels. It's the little things that make me happy, if he sleeps on sloppy sheets, so be it.

I looked at the police reports for our apartment complex. It is not surprising that the number one crime reported is burglary. This does not work for me, so I plan to rig up some type of system to dissuade unwanted guests from entering. For example, my brother attended college at an inner city university with a very high crime rate. He would appear to the public as a hobo so as not to draw attention. It was his "style" for years....that's how he explained his appearance. I actually think that he liked the look of scruffy and a bit dirty....So, I have to think of something similar or put a bucket of water over the doorway so when someone enters, the water falls on them. Or maybe, I can place tacks on the floor...have recording of a German Shepard playing while we are out....Perhaps the best thing to do is not have anything of value there....hence the trips to the dollar store...if someone wants a dollar spatula that bad, they can have it.

And so, the adventure continues. The search for pots and pans, toaster oven, bowls, and so on will take up the rest of the day....Once we settle in, I will determine whether I am needed for the summer or run off while he is sleeping and go home to check on the family and plants. After living apart for so long, I did not realize that he needed so much sleep. It reminds me of the days when he was a baby and would take 4 hour naps and sleep all night....not much has changed....

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