Thursday, June 30, 2011

Real Jobs

It was a very early morning or perhaps it was a really late night. I drove dad to the airport to catch a 6am flight to hang out with Buddy for the next few days. I do not know who was more excited...father or son....probably son, since he is lonely and out of money. He knows that he will eat with his dad around. As I drove home, I discovered at 4:30 am that more people and animals are awake than one would think. As I pulled away from the airport, I needed to listen to talk radio to keep me alert (no coffee yet). To my delight, I heard my nephew FTF III reporting from the Jersey shore. He was stationed outside a Realtor office waiting for an agent to report on whether a famed sports figure was about to purchase a home. Apparently, this was big news. FTF III sounding quite professional reported: "There is no one here." I wanted to clap for the 20 year old intern who aspires to be a radio journalist. He has been working the night shift during his school breaks since he was 14 tears old. He definitely wants this career. I went back to bed and never found out if he got his scoop when the office opened at 9 am. At least he was there, poised and ready with his microphone to interview an unsuspecting agent about an alleged report that rabid sports fan want to know. Well done, III...looking forward to the next compelling report on the next sports figure's choice of coffee in the morning as he is stationed outside a Starbucks at 5 am (the kids's got to pay his dues before he is given his own show). I am very proud of this kid.

On the baseball front, Buddy did NOT play again last night and to say that he was 'salty' is to suggest that a shark has sharp teeth that can rip you to shreds. Of course he was miffed, angry, upset, peeved, and sad. A player who showed up the day before pitched three innings instead. From the beginning of the season, I have watched things unfold with Stinky Pete and suggested on a number of occasions that he lets things go until mid season. OK, it is mid season and he has pitched 7 innings. Time for action. I am sure that many are thinking....OK BP mom...gonna run out to Ohio and slay the nasty dragon for your boy? Sure, you can think it, but the answer is "no."

Have I given up? of course not...this is his fight, not mine. My suggestion is to stop Stinky and the coach before tonight's game and have a "come to Jesus" talk. He is not to threaten to quit. He needs to quietly and articulately express his need for innings to improve his game. His worst game was at midnight after a long rain delay at the end of a long road trip. So, let's say that Roy Halladay would have struggled too. Since then, he has been stellar (when he is in the game). Therefore, it is time to have the talk. Deep breath...good eye contact...calm voice...tell them what you want in no uncertain not use profanity or name calling...remain calm at all punching, scratching, clawing, spitting or use of blades....As dad says (sorry coaches) "baseball players are not the brightest bunch. If they were intelligent, they would have a real job." (Again,I apologize to all players out there....).

I will report tomorrow how the conversation goes...

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