Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wet cellphones

The team is on the road today for a game against a cross state rival. Buddy is one of the pitchers on the trip. When he phoned last night, he was a bit agitated because he was told that he was going into the game last night. After warming up and mentally preparing, he walked toward the mound. Stinky ran out and stopped him midway and told him to sit down. The previous pitcher was going to stay in the game. Needless to say, one tall lanky pitcher was incensed. And so, we heard about it....boy did we hear about it...I actually have no comment on this, because it is the nature of the game...get over it, kiddo. This is not the first time nor last time this will happen.

On a bright note, Buddy's phone finally works again. My mind is not firing on all cylinders, so I am not sure if I mentioned that it "broke" one rainy night in the ballpark. As the rain fell in torrents during a game, he decided to make a few phone calls 'cause he was bored. When I found out what happened, we had a mother-son question and answer period. For 100 points: "Does water affect electronics?" His answer "not a few rain drops, no." Wrong answer...he loses and actually, so do I. The answer per Alex Trebeck is "any water or precipitation will alter the mechanics of any hand held electronic device." On the way to the airport on Saturday, we had to pick up a disposable phone for him to use plus a phone card plus order a new battery online and pay for the express delivery. All in all, a few raindrops cost about $75.00. Today I received a happy text..."phone works..." For those who do not understand texting communication language, this is super secret teenager code for "gee, mom, thanks for helping me to get my phone fixed. Whereas it is true, that I made a poor decision calling friends in a monsoon, you can be assured that I will never do it the way, you are the best and coolest mom ever....did I tell you that you look like you lost weight?" Isn't that nice?

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