Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Opening Day

Last night, the team celebrated the first real game of the season. Sadly, it was a loss but the evening was perfect for baseball as the full moon peaked over the horizon with a gentle breeze and moderate temperatures. No, Buddy did not play. This was game three with no Buddy sighting except for Bullpen Boogie (see previous post for the way that the team embarrasses these players). It was dollar beer night and I was not in the mood to partake (even for a dollar). However, many of the fans did which led to a rowdy crowd. I saw one woman throw 6 empty bottles into the trash....

Today Buddy had to arise early (9 am for this kid is the middle of the night for me) to help to run a baseball camp for little leaguers. If I say that he was a bit "salty" I would be understating the obvious. His mood lightened up a bit when I flipped him a $10 bill to buy a bagel sandwich at Dunkin Donuts. It's the little things that makes him an egg, cheese, bacon and a bagel (oh yeah...and a pop tart or two or a box...).

As far as the apartment is concerned, I now have new appliances, toilet, dishwasher, linoleum floor, etc. As Bill and Aaron finished this morning with caulking and painting, Bill noted that I no longer have running water. Yes, you read this sentence's off or WATER!!!! Is there a camera somewhere? Am I on Candid Camera? Am I being PUNK'D? Is my life real or is this virtual? Am I having a nightmare? This is almost laughable....almost....I guess that I have to walk over to see the Snake again and place a another work order in for running water. I think that my work orders fill one file cabinet. Do I ask for too much?

I have been slowly making friends. Ann works in the donut shop. She is 75 and looking good for someone who is surrounded by sugar and her fellow admirers. These guys are in their 80's too and hang out chatting, reading the paper, and drinking coffee while Ann waits on the sugar-addicted customers like me. I would be shopping for new clothes each week if I worked there.

Then there are Thomas and James in Starbucks. They work the afternoon-evening shift. I did not get the name of the guy today who waited on me, but he was the one who took my debit card and handed it back when it did not work on Saturday. He remembered me and looked twice at my card when I handed it to him today. It worked...we smiled at each other knowing that today I was not going to have to dig for change at the bottom of my purse and between the seat cushions in the car. I consider this morning quite a success even without running water.

Today when Buddy returns home with the car, I am shopping for a toaster oven, oven mits, and pots and pans. We will stop eating out today and begin living in the apartment...although I did find a thousand legger today in the bathroom. He went swimming in our new toilet.

With that said, I have to go and find the Snake before the rain sets in...have a good day....

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