Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A new lifestyle

Good Morning! I am back in my Ohio office in the lobby of the hotel equipped with my laptop, cell phone and big coffee pot near the breakfast area. The hotel keeps a pot brewing all day for addicted guests like me. Today's cup of coffee was particularly good, so I mentioned it to the woman who puts the breakfast out. Her comment to me (and I am not lying....): "Good, I just cleaned the pot...." Hmmmmm. I have been drinking this stuff for three days and the coffee has been brewed in a dirty coffee pot? OY! No wonder my stomach has been feeling funky....dirty coffee...ew. It's almost enough to make me quit....OK, let's not go that far....

I am sure that you have lots of questions for BP Mom that I am going to try to anticipate....

Question 1: Hey, BPM, what do you do in the morning when Buddy is asleep on the sofa coach?
Answer: Glad that you asked that question. BPM has lots to do especially when it pertains to work. I am teaching an online class for the next five weeks from the lobby of the hotel and then the apartment. I am captivating students with my knowledge of leadership and management. That's right....leadership...me...BPM....I know the theories and concepts and can apply them in a professional manner. Although I often have trouble applying them to my own life....

Question 2: Oh, BPM, what is it like living with your 19 year old son again in a region where neither of you know anyone?
Answer: Wow., another great question....Well, all I can say is that both of us have made tremendous adjustments to our schedules and lives. We are both accustomed to our freedom and making decisions on our own. Now that we have one car, one bathroom and small accommodations, I anticipate that I will soon grate on his last nerve. On the other hand, he has tested my patience already. With that said, there is a basic level of trust and love, so we will get through this with a more improved understanding of each other.

Question 3: BPM, tell us about your apartment.
Answer: That's a tough one since we are not moving in until Saturday morning. From what I remember from the model, it has a small bedroom, kitchenette, living room with the pull out sofa bed, and tiny dining room (BPM's office). It is on the first floor of the apartment complex located near the region's food pantry.

OK, I only have time for one last question....

Question 4: Yo, BPM....what do you do all day?
Answer: Whew...tough one to answer since I am sooo busy (not!). I usually let the big kid sleep since he has a different clock then me. I write in the lobby and am working on finishing my research on vulnerable populations and health care access. Around 11 am, I have to get him out of bed, with at least one stick of dynamite, so that the maid can try to clean the room. Today, we have to do laundry and I have been collecting quarters for the machines.

In the afternoon, we run errands and find a place for him to eat. Yesterday I decided to go to the movies in the afternoon for a change of pace. There is a theater near us that charges $3 per ticket to see older movies such as Hop and Lincoln Lawyer. We saw LL yesterday. He refuses to see Hop with me.

In the evening, I work out in the hotel gym while he goes to practice. We meet for dinner and hang out reading, watching tv, or on the computer. On game days, I drop him off by 4 pm, return to the hotel and work until it is time to leave to watch the game.

Tonight's game is the last of the exhibition pre season games. The season officially begins on Saturday in Kentucky. So, there you have it in its simplest form....a unique summer pairing two very different people in a new setting. The experiences will all be documented here as I sit back and observe my new environment, friends, and develop a new appreciation for my son.

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